sociology chap sect 2 y 3

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  1. Socialization
    interactive process through which people learn the basic skills, values, beliefs, and behavior patterns of society
  2. Self
    the conscious awareness of possessing a distinct identity that separates one from other members of society
  3. Looking-glass self
    interactive process by which we develop an image of ourselves based on how we imagine we appear to others
  4. Role-taking
    form the basis of the socialization process by allowing to anticipate what others expect of us
  5. Significant others
    specific people, such as parents, siblings, relatives, and others, who directly influence our socialization
  6. Generalized others
    the internalized attitudes, expectations, and viewpoints of society that guide our behavior and reinforce our sense of self, role-taking
  7. I
    the unsocialized, spontaneous, self-identity
  8. Me
    part of the identity that is aware of the expectations and attitudes of society, or the socialized self
  9. Dramaturgy
    social interaction is like a drama being performed on a stage
  10. Impression management
    an effort to present the self well and manage the impression that the audience receives
  11. John Locke
    • Tabula Rasa
    • Born in a clean state in which you can be molded into anything
  12. Charles Cooley
    • Looking-Glass Self
    • 3 steps in which you see yourself like you think other see you
  13. George Mead
    • Role-Taking
    • You pretend to be other people or imitate them
  14. Erving Goffman
    • Impression Management
    • You try to manage you impressions towards people.
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