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  1. Explain a model from the producer to the consumer
    producer -> distributor -> exhibitor -> consumer
  2. What is bicycling?
    media distribution strategy that involves transferring physical copies of media texts from exhibitor to exhibitor
  3. What are libraries?
    the collections of available texts that distributors have for sale, typically including texts from a range of producers
  4. What do make-goods do?
    ensure exhibitors will receive some kind of remuneration if texts underperform in sales revenues or audience ratings.
  5. What do content aggregators refer to?
  6. What did the Financial Interest and Syndication Rules do?
    prevented networks from distributing the programs they aired. Had to rely on distributors
  7. What is the surrogate consumer role?
    The middlemen involved in media distribution and exhibition. They operate on the consumer's behalf when winnowing down the thousands of media products that are available on the market .
  8. For an exhibitor, what is the main difference between selling a DVD and showing a movie in the theater?
    For showing a movie, you have to acquire rights to exhibit. Usually these rights sales specify how long the exhibitor can texts to audience (rights period)
  9. What is differential promotion?
    • Distributors tend to shower praise on only a small portion of the products they acquire. American Pie 7 example
    • Exhibitors advertise certain texts more prominently through differential pricing, coupons, and rebates
  10. What are windowing platforms?
    Where movies are released in large cities to create buzz and then released in smaller chains
  11. what are the 5 most important factors that influence the order and timing of windowing ?
    • per capita revenues in each window
    • differences in potential audience size
    • degree to which audiences will consume the programming in downstream windows
    • loss of interest among viewers following a products initial release
    • how vulnerable the distrib channel is to illegal copying
  12. What is disaggregation?
    unbundling media texts from their traditional distributing platforms and permitting them to circulate in other platforms
  13. What are carry-over or lead in-effects?
    operate by using particularly popular programs to try to increase viewership of surrounding programs.
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