History Test II

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  1. Schools from the North
    Harvard andYale
  2. What were the three Ivy League schools
    Brown, Princeton, and Rutgers
  3. All institutions of higher learning were in the ________
  4. The only culture in the colonies __________
  5. Music in Colonial America
    • Psalm singing
    • Music as a profession
  6. What altered music
    "Great Awakening"
  7. What did the Virginia Law prohibit?
    Immigration of English players
  8. Who started "smearing charried cork on their skin" and what was it called
    Fredrick Toll / "Blacking up"
  9. First Printing press
    Mass. 1639
  10. Who ///The present state of New English affairs
    Sam Green
  11. Who/// 1st edition, 4 pages tabloid, public ocurrence, both foreign and domestic
    Ben Harris 1690
  12. Who/// the boston Newsletter
    John Campbell 1704
  13. Who/// Freeedom of the Press 1730's
    • Gov. of NY
    • Will Cosby
  14. What was the colonial diet?
    • all food local
    • H&H
    • Sober liquid
    • Rum
  15. "West Indian Beverage"
  16. Who wrote Alochol Republic
    David Rohrabaugh
  17. Who wrote Drinking in America
    David Lender
  18. Types of Profession in Colonial America (3)
    • Law
    • Medicane
    • Apprentice
  19. Who performed the legal tasks & contract wills?
  20. When was the first bar exam / where/ what?
    1729 / New York / Exam pronounces ready to "practice"
  21. North Carolina Law of 1741 required ....
    Public of banns issuance of lisence prior to wedding ceromony
  22. 3 Reasons for exuction in Colonial America
    • Murder
    • Treason
    • Insurrection
  23. Forms of punishment
    • Whipping Post
    • Hanging trees
    • Public Mutaliation
    • Dunking
  24. North/ New England Commerce was connected to ____________
    Sea Trade
  25. Middle and Southern Commerce was connected to ___________
  26. Act where all goods exported from colonies must be shipped in English vessels, crews, and insurance
    Navigation Act of 1660
  27. What are enumated goods?
    • Go only to England
    • Wool, tobacco, indigo, iron
  28. What are non enumated goods?
    • Go anywhere
    • Rum, fish, grain
  29. Act were all european cargos must pass thru England and be shipped to colonies in English ships, crew, insurance
    Navigation Act of 1663 / Staple Act
  30. Act that forced bond from colonial governors to enforce Navigation Acts and oath to enforce Acts
    Navigation Act of 1696
  31. This act forbade intercolonial wool trade as well as forbade wool European Countries
    Navigation Act of 1696
  32. This Act made a protective legislation extened to English manufactures
    Hat Act 1732
  33. Sixpence per gallon on molasses imported from Spanish/French Colonies
    Molasses Act 1733
  34. Forbade manufacture of iron good in colonies
    Bar pig and ingot iron must be shipped to England for manufacture into finished goods
    Iron Act of 1750
  35. What is the Writ of Assistance
    Unlimited search warrents
  36. What was the Bristish Requiston system?
    • tax
    • required people to give supply to for the Brit troops in colonies
  37. Parson's Cause 1755 -1763
  38. Who was teacher that was involved with Parson's Cause?
    Rev James Maury
  39. Prime mininster who moblized 45000 tropps in Colonial America
    William Pitt
  40. Treaty ended that ended the French and Indian War?
    Treat of Paris 1763
  41. This treaty caused Britian took all French possesions east of Miss. tool all of Spanish Florida
    Treaty of Paris
  42. Treaty ended the American Revolution
    Treaty of Paris 1783
  43. Proposal that regulated trade and rasied revenues
    Grenville Proposals
  44. Act where Prime Minister Grenville believed colonist should question of defense colonies "to help defray the ness. expansion of the Colonies and plantions"
    American Revenue Act / Sugar Act of 1764
  45. Est. Revenue to the English 25000 lbs sterilings expanded custom offices rasie taxian imparts
    American Rev Act
  46. Lowered tax from 6 pense
    Molassas Act of 1733
  47. Reaction to what act : Tax did not have colonial assent / assumption of guilt / no trail of jury of peers/ popular mass meetings helds
    Sugar Act
  48. ACT- An "internal levy" 1/2 pence Law License, any paper was taxed except for school bible and marriage certi.
    Stamp Act
  49. "Son's of Liberty"
    Col. Isaac Baare
  50. Reaction to Stamp Act!
    Riots and boycotts
  51. Who was Andrew Oliver?
    Tax Collector
  52. "Son's of Liberty" spread to other colonies - members - farmers debors small businessman
    "Loyal Nine"
  53. Chancellor of the Exchequer - "Landed Sentry"
    Charles Townshend
  54. Prime Minister that said to Repeal townshend Acts
    Fredrick Lord North
  55. Liberty poles/ job completion/ 30-40 soilders riot/ McDougall arrested for incitemnet jailed?
    Golden Hill Riot
  56. Why did Colonial dislike Brit?
    Money/ Get jobs/ women
  57. First to die in the Boston Massacre
    Crispus Attucks
  58. Term used to descrive a person who loves ans supports England
  59. Smugglers chased a British speed boat 7 miles and the boat got stuck / capt was shot and boat was burned
    Gaspee Affair
  60. Who burned the Gaspee?
    John Brown
  61. Who wanted to repeal all of towns. duties but one and what was it?
    Lord North / Tax
  62. Act by Lord North / only tea from East india / 3 pence per pound /
    Tea Act May 1773
  63. Substitutes for tea?
    • Loosestrife sage labrador
    • Dutch smuggled tea
  64. What was the repsond to the Boston Tea Party
    Coercive / Intolerable Acts
  65. Act that closed Port until East India Co piand for tea / no loading or unloading except supplies for Brit troops
    Boston Port Act
  66. An Act for impartical?
    Administration of Justice
  67. Act providing lodging for Brit troops
    Quartering Act
  68. Act where all colony's concils and law enforce officals are appointive rath than elected
    Mass Government Act
  69. Noncoercive act goverment of Canada no longer reprent. assembly but appoint by crown
    Quebec Act
  70. Formed contienal Associations / 7 wks 12 colonies 55 delegates / Peyton Randaulph
    1st Contentail Congress
  71. This resolved : Coercive Acts / urged Mass to Arm for defense / Called for Economic Sanctions
  72. To what was the boycott of all British good?
    Continental Association
  73. Who in the "know" about British movement plans etc
    Dr. Jo Warren
  74. Who/// one route / Charles River/ Lexington
    Paul Revere
  75. Who/// 1 Route Land Route was a messanger
    Will Dawes
  76. When was the first day of the American Revelotion?
    April 19 1775
  77. "immunity from tax if colonies raised $ to provide for defense" / demanded recongniation of Parliments supremacy
    Lord Norht's Concilatory Resolve
  78. "first real government" Phili / john handcock/ washington "bill of credit"
    Second Contiental Congress
  79. Who was on the commitee of 5 ?
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • Ben Frank
    • John Adams
    • Robert Livingston
    • Roger Sherman
  80. Wrote the preamble / had a theory of man governing himself / declaration of independance
    Thomas Jefferson
  81. Revolutionary war what were the British strengths
    Money / Sea Power / military power / strong industrial base
  82. What were the colonial strengths during the Revolutionary War?
    • Gen. Washington
    • Zeal for battle in home area
    • Avoid large scale battle
    • Knowlogde of territory
    • 5000 Black fought against Brit
  83. Turning point of the American Revolution
    Battle of Saratoga
  84. Treaty - full trade privlages
    Treaty of Amity and Commerce
  85. Treaty - No seperate peace treaty with england
    Treaty of Alliance
  86. Washington victory
  87. Battle - Lord Charles Corwallis - surrended 8000
    Battle of Yorktown
  88. Ended the American Revolution
    Treaty of Paris 1783
  89. Treaty - Bounderies / fishing rights/ pre war debt settle navigation rights
    Treaty of Paris
  90. Had tight control over tax/ voting qualification / religion/ property / age/ governers with limited power
    State Constitutions
  91. What was the first real governmet
    2 Continental Congress
  92. Land Law were survery Land township/ 6 mile square / sell land / section 16 for education
    Land Ordinance of 1785
  93. Land law were plan of government fortery/ Congress appoints gov forbade slaverly / guaranteed freedom / schools were to forever be encourage
    North West Ordiance of 1787
  94. What were the weakness of Articles of Conferderation
    Ran of money
  95. Reasons ofr changing the Articles of Confederation
    • Mechanics wanted tariff to protect imports
    • Land Spec wanted safety from Indians
    • Creditors wanted stable money supply
    • Fear of the mob
  96. Plan that was bicameral Leg. branch
    Executive branch
    Judical branch
    Voting was based on money contributions
    Madison Plan / Virigina Plan
  97. Unicameral Leg. Branch / Executive Branch / Judicaial branch
    William Patterson Plan / NJ Plan / Small state plan
  98. Bicameral Leg / Executive branch / judicial branch
    Hamilton Plan / NY Plan
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