3023 chap 9

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  1. Types of groups (formal,informal, command, task , interest, friendship
    FORMAL- we mean one defined by the organizations structure, with designated work assignments establising tasks.

    INFORMAL- neither formally structured nor organizationally determined. natural formations int the work enviroment that appear in response to the need for social contact.

    COMMAND-composed of the individuals who report directly to a given manager.

    TASK GROUP-represents individuals working togehter to complete a job task. Can cross command relationships.

    INTEREST GROUP- people affilate to attain a specific objecive with which each individual is concerned.

    FRIENDSHIP- individual members have one or more common characteristics
  2. FIVE stage model
    FORMING-characterized by a great deal of uncertainty about the groups purpose , structure, and leadership."test the waters"

    STORMING-members accept the existence of the group but resist the constraints it impses on individuality.

    NORMING- strong sense of group identity and camaraderie. Complete when the group structure solidifies and the group has assimilated a common set of expectations of what defines correct member behavior

    PERFORMING- fully functionally and accpeted. Peforming task at hand

    ADJOURNING_ preparation for disbanding. Wrapping up activites.
  3. Punctuated Equilibrium Model
    • 1.First meeting sets the groups direction
    • 2. this first phase of group activity is one of inertia
    • 3. a transition takes place at the end of this phase, which occurs exactly when the group has used up half if allotted time
    • 4.transition initiates major changes.
    • 5. second phase of inertia follows transition
    • 6. the groups last meeting is characterized by markedly accelrated activity.
  4. Roles, Zimbardos (stanford) prison experiment
    • stanford university psychologist Philip Zimbardo
    • 15 dollars a day two dozen emotionally stable physically healthy law abiding students.
    • stopped after 6 days
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