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  1. Address Position
    Establishing your starting position on the lane prior to taking your first step.
  2. Anchor Person
    The last person in the line-up of a team
  3. Approach
    The area across which the bowler steps prior to delivering the ball at the foul line.
  4. Arrows
    Triangular shaped aiming points. Also called Spots.
  5. Auditory Cues
    Key words or catch phrases that present a concept.
  6. Baby Split
    The 2-7 or 3-10 split.
  7. Backup
    A ball that curves left to right for a right hander, right to left for a left hander.
  8. Bedposts
    The 7-10 split.
  9. Blind
    Score given a team for an absent member.
  10. Blow
    Failing to make a spare except in the case of a split that cannot normally be made. Also called an error or miss.
  11. Board
    One of the one-inch boards making up each lane.
  12. Brooklyn Hit
    A ball that rolls into the pocket on the wrong side of the head pin. Also called a crossover or Jersey hit.
  13. Channel
    A more moderm term for the gutter.
  14. Cherry
    See Chop
  15. Chop
    Knocking down the front pin on a spare attempt, leaving adjacent pins standing. Also called a cherry.
  16. Convert
    When you successfully make your spare.
  17. Count
    The number of pins knocked down with the first ball.
  18. Creeper
    A very slow ball.
  19. Crossover
    See Brooklyn Hit.
  20. Cues
    See Auditory Cues and Visual Cues.
  21. Curve
    A ball that has a wide and sweping arc, more pronounced than a hook.
  22. Dead Ball
    A poorly rolled ball that has little action - that doesnt take down as many pins as a live ball.
  23. Double
    Two strikes ina row.
  24. Error
    A blow or miss.
  25. Fast lane
    A lane on which the hook ball does not curve or take as much as usual.
  26. Foul
    Touching or going beyond the foul line when the bowler delivers the ball.
  27. Foul line
    The line that separates the approach from the lane.
  28. Four Bagger
    Four strikes in a row
  29. Frame
    The box on a score sheet in which the score is recorded; also one tenth of a game.
  30. Gutter
    Channels on both sides of each lane
  31. Gutterball
    A ball that goes off the lane into the gutter
  32. Handicap
    A scoring advantage that lets individuals or teams of different averages compete in the same league
  33. Head pin
    The 1 pin, which is the pin closest to the bowler
  34. High hit
    A strike ball that hits more of the 1 pin or head pin than the 1-3 pocket
  35. Hook
    A ball that breaks to the left for a right hander or to the right for a left hander
  36. Kegler
    A synonym for bowler, derived from the German word kegel
  37. Kingpin
    The 5 pin
  38. Lane
    A synonym for alley
  39. Leadoff Person
    The first bowler in a team line-up
  40. Leave
    The pins that remain standing after the first ball is rolled in a frame
  41. Line
    A game of ten frames
  42. Live ball
    A ball that knocks down a lot of pins even though it may miss the pocket.
  43. Lofting
    Throwing the ball too far out on the lane so that it bounces
  44. Mark
    A strike or spare
  45. Open frame
    A frame without a strike or a spare
  46. Perfect game
    A score of 300 resulting from 12 consecutive strikes
  47. Pin action
    The manner in which the pins fall, depending on the spin of the ball
  48. Pin bowling
    Using the pins as aiming points
  49. Pocket
    The area defined by the 1-3 pins for right handers; the 1-2 for left handers
  50. Pushaway
    The extension of your arms as you push the ball out from your body when taking your first step
  51. Railroad
    See Split
  52. Scratch bowler
    A bowler who has no handicap
  53. Sleeper
    A pin hidden behind another pin
  54. Span
    Distance between thumbhole and finger holes
  55. Spare
    Knocking down all ten pins with two balls in a frame
  56. Split
    A leave in which the head pin is down and two or more pins remain standing with adjacent pins knocked down in front and between' aslo known as a railroad.
  57. Spots
    Dark colored, triangular shaped arrowheads on the bowling lane itself
  58. Spot bowling
    Using the arrowheads or spots as aiming points
  59. Strike
    Knocking down all pins with the first ball
  60. Strike out
    To get 3 strikes in the tenth and final frame
  61. Sweeper
    A live ball that sweeps the pins off the lane
  62. Tap
    Leaving a 10, 4 or 7 pin on what appeared to be a strike ball
  63. Thin hit
    A hit in which the ball barely contacts the 1 pin. Also called a light hit
  64. Turkey
    Three strikes in a row
  65. Visual cues
    Images of proper approach techniques that you picture yourself doing
  66. Washout
    The 1-2-4-10 leave for a right hander; the 1-3-6-7 leave for a left hander
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