Brain & Spinal Cord

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  1. What structures does the brain consist of?
    • 1)Cerebral hemispheres with cerebral cortex
    • 2)Diencephalon-Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Epithalamus
    • 3)Cerebellum
    • 4)Brain Stem-Midbrain, Medulla Oblongata, Pons
  2. What are the three membranes that provide protection and their functions?
    • 1)Dura Mater (Outermost): Strongest + Drains venous blood
    • 2)Arachnoid Mater: Subarachnoid spaces contain CSF
    • 3)Pia Mater: innermost clings to brain + contains blood vessels
  3. What is the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER?
    It serves as protection, O2 and glucose pass freely, regulates permeabilty, formed by tight juntions of ASTROCYTES.
  4. What is the role of CSF and it's Circulation?
    • Protects from chemical and physical injury, Nourishes the brain, reduces weight by 97%,
    • Formed in the choroid plexus.
    • It circulates from the ventricles to the central canal of spinal cord, into the subarachnoid spaces, and finally back into blood.
  5. List the Ventricles and the cell that line them:
    (2) Lateral, 3rd & 4th and are lined by ependymal cells.
  6. Characteristics of the Cerebral Cortex?
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