CJ Exam 2

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  1. What does D.A. stand for?
    District Attorney
  2. Who is the most powerful person in the Criminal Justice System?
  3. Article 22
    Illegal Globally, Bail for Profit Remains in U.S.
  4. Who decides what defense a suspect will be charged with?
  5. Right to legal council for indigent defendants goes with what amendment?
    • Miranda v. Arizona: have to be informed at time of arrest that you have rights to council.
    • Escobedo Vs. Arizona: right to legal council at point of interrogation
  6. In a perfect courtroom scenario, what is a defendant not supposed to do?
  7. What does the Prosecutor do?
    • -Protect public interest
    • 1. Decides which case will be prosecuted
    • 2. Decides charges: counts and necessarily included charges
    • 3. Kinds of bargains
    • 4. How vigorously to prosecute
    • 5. Approves investigations (proactive, sting)
  8. Important function of defense attorney
    • -Popular conception: "Take criminal to court and prosecute"
    • -Help defendant navigate system
  9. What is a slow plea?
    Selling the deal that takes longest
  10. Article 24
    When our eyes deceive us (eyewitness)
  11. Allowing television into a courtroom would likely change criminal justice processing with what model?
    Due process?
  12. Which court case affirmed that legal guilt can
    be accepted by court in exchange of lesser sentence without defendant actually
    saying he is guilty?
    Alford v. North Carolina
  13. Which court case established legitimacy of plea bargaining?
    Blackledge V. Allison
  14. According to class lecture, Innocent people...
    -1/2 of 1% of time cases are innocent people go to prison
  15. Single most important factor that accounts for criminal conviction of innocent people
    Eye witness error: happens in more than 1/2 of cases
  16. Denying bail for suspects awaiting prosecution
    for crimes not considered felony
    higher risk of being found guilty
  17. Article 31
    The long view of crime
  18. Article 25
    The DNA factor
  19. Jury selection based upon samples from lists of
    registered voters is biased because it typically fails to do what
    They are usually older, female, own property which is the opposite of defendants
  20. Considering ways jurors are selected, any bias
    that occurs is going to be gained by whom?
  21. Article 34
    Preventing future crime with cognitive behavior therapy: recidivism
  22. Article 30
    America's imprisoned kids
  23. Pattern of case disposition in highly urbanized cities where many cases are rejected at initial screening is which prosecutorial style
    Trial Sufficiency
  24. Argersinger v. Hamlin
    underscore of the 6th amendment; if you go to prison you have to have council
  25. Criticisms of plea bargaining include what?
    • 1. causes defendants to give up right to trial
    • 2. Ignores public opinion
    • 3. Hides process from judicial review/judges
    • 4. creates image of a "game"
    • 5. Unfairly punishes those who dont want to plea bargain
    • 6. unduly pressures defendants to strike deal
    • 7. unduly pressures innocent to plead guilty
  26. Ability of prosecutors to win cases is because of what?
    High powered
  27. Several landmark cases that have established role of defense attorney
    • 1. Gideon v. Wainwright
    • 2. Argensinger v. Hamlin
    • 3. Escobedo vs. Arizona
    • 4. Miranda v. Arizona
  28. Plea bargaining helps the system acheive which goals?
    • 1. Provides individualized justice
    • 2. Administrative necessity: system to busy w/out it
    • 3. Reduces Uncertainty - reduces stress among courtroom work group
    • 4. Strengthens role of defense - in terms of shrotening sentences
  29. Selling the deal: primarily responsible by who?
    Defense attorney
  30. Article 32
    Jail time is learning time
  31. Article 29
    Violence in adolescent dating relationships
  32. R.O.R
    Release on recognicense, showing up after bail
  33. Criminal defendants who take case to tiral risk harsher punishment because
    • 1. look worse from being in jail
    • 2. cant persue cases
    • 3. being behind bars: more prone to accepting plea
  34. Which groups have lowest risk of re-aresst on bail?
    sex offenders
  35. What is a trial tax?
    Harsher punishment, full scale
  36. What is the name for the term for the process that elects jurors
    Voir Dire
  37. Criminal defense attorneys are held in low esteem by peers because
    • -self employed
    • -middle class
    • -graduate from less prestigous law schools
    • -either just starting out or are has-beens
  38. 3 roles played by judges
    • 1. Adjudicator (judge)
    • 2. Negotiator
    • 3. Courtroom administrator
  39. Prosecution complex results in failure to seek truth, fails to insure specific person
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