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  1. The set {1,2,3......}
    Natural numbers
  2. The set {0,1,2,3,.....}
    Whole numbers
  3. The set{...-2,-1,0,1,2...}
  4. A number greater than zero
    Positive numbers
  5. A number less than zero
    Negative numbers
  6. The set of numbers expressed in the form of a fraction a/b, where a and b are integers and b doesn't equal 0
    Rational numbers
  7. Lines and sets that never end, continue to infinity
  8. The absolute value of a number n is it's distance from zero on a number line and is represented by |n|
    Absolute Value
  9. Every positive rational number and it's negative pair
  10. A number and it's opposite are additive inverses of each other. The sum of a number and it's additive inverse is 0.
    Additive Inverse
  11. One of two equal factors of a number
    Square root
  12. A number whose square root is a rational number
    Perfect Square
  13. The symbol used to indicate a nonnegative square root
    Radical sign
  14. Numbers that cannot be expressed as terminating or repeating decimals
    Irrational Number
  15. The set of irrational numbers and the set of irrational numbers together
    Real Numbers
  16. A rational number that is close to, but not equal to the value of am irrational number
    Rational Approximation
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