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  1. Etruscans
    They lived mostly north of Rome and they are said to either have originated from Asia Minor or the Alps
  2. Republic
    The people chose some of the officials
  3. Patrician
    Members of the landholding upper class
  4. Consul
    From the patrician class
  5. Dictator
    Ruler who has complete control over a gov
  6. Plebeian
    Farmers, merchants, & artisans who made up most of the pop. had the legal rights of citizenship but little influence
  7. Tribune
    To protect their interests
  8. Veto
    To block laws that they felt were harmful to plebeians
  9. Legion
    The basic military unit & each included about 5,000 men
  10. Imperialism
    Establishing control over foreign lands & ppls
  11. Latifundia
    A wealthy family's estate(big farm)
  12. Tiberius Gracchus
    His brother Gauis & he were plebeians who were some of the first reformers
  13. Gaius Gracchus
    His brother & he were plebeians who were some of the first reformers
  14. Julius Caesar
    An ambitious military commander. He & another brilliant general, Pomey, dominated Roman politics
  15. Augustus
    This became Octavian's title, which means Exalted One & they declared him princeps or 1st citizen
  16. Census
    Pop count of the empire so there would be records of all who should be taxed
  17. Hadrian
    He was one of the "good emperors" who codified Roman law making it the same for all provinces
  18. Virgil
    He wrote an epic poem called the Aeneid where he tries to show Rome's past as heroic as it was in Greece
  19. Satirize
    Make fun of
  20. Mosaic
    Picture made from chips of colored stone or glass
  21. Engineering
    Application of science & mathematics to develop useful structures & machines
  22. Aqueduct
    In ancient Rome underground or bridgelike stone structure that carried water from the hills into the cities
  23. Ptolemy
    An astronomer-mathematician who proposed the theory that Earth was the center of the universe, a mistaken idea that was accepted in the western world for nearly 1,500 yrs
  24. Messiah
    Savior sent by God
  25. Apostle
    Leader or teacher of a new faith or movement
  26. Paul
    A Jew from Asia Minor played the most influential role in spreading Christianity
  27. Martyr
    People who suffer or die for their beliefs
  28. Constantine
    The persecution of Christians finally ended in A. D. 313 when he issued the Edict of Milan
  29. Clergy
    The group of ppl who conduct Christian services
  30. Bishop
    A high church official responsible for everyone in his diocese
  31. Patriarch
    In the Roman & Byzantine empires highest church official in a major city
  32. Pope
    Head of the Roman Catholic Church; in ancient Rome, bishops of Rome who claimed authority over all other bishops
  33. Heresies
    Beliefs said to be contrary to official church teachings
  34. Augustine
    He was a bishop of Hippo in North Africa & he combined Christian doctrine w/ Greco-Roman learning, especially the philoshopy of Plato
  35. Diocletian
    He was an emperor in 284 who set out to restore order
  36. Inflation
    The rapid rise of prices
  37. Constantinople
    The emperor Constantine in 312 renamed the city of Byzantium to this
  38. Huns
    Nomadic ppl who migrated from Central Asia toward eastern Europe which they reached by 370
  39. Mercenary
    Foreign soldiers serving for pay
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