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  1. Sacrament
    Sacred ritual of the Roman Catholic Church
  2. Benedictine Rule
    Rules set up by a monk, Benedict on how to regulate monastic life
  3. Papal supremacy
    Authority over all secular rulers, including kings and emperors
  4. Secular
    Worldly force in medieval Europe
  5. Canon law
    A body of laws that had to do w/ religious ways of wills, marriages, and morals created by the Church
  6. Excommunication
    The most severe & terrifying penalties for anyone who disobeyed Church law
  7. Interdict
    An order excluding an entire town, region, or kingdom from receiving most sacraments and Christian burial
  8. Friar
    Monks who didn't live in isolated monasteries, took a diff approach to reform
  9. St. Francis of Assisi
    An Italian who founded the first Franciscans
  10. Feudalism
    Loosely organized system of gov in which local lords gov their own lands but owed military service & other support to a greater lord
  11. Vassal
    In medieval Europe a lord who was granted land in exchange for service & loyalty to a greater lord
  12. Feudal contract
    Exchange of pledges between lords and vassals
  13. Fief
    In medieval Europe, an estate granted by a lord to a vassal in exchange for service & loyalty
  14. Knight
    A European noble who served as mounted warrior
  15. Tournament
    A mock battle in which knights would compete against one another to display their fighting skills
  16. Chivalry
    A code of conduct for knights during the Middle Ages
  17. Troubadour
    A wandering poet or singer of medieval Europe
  18. Manor
    During the Middle Ages in Europe, a lord's estate which included one or more villages and the surrounding lands
  19. Serf
    In medieval Europe, a peasant bound to the lord's land
  20. Clovis
    He established the Germanic kingdom that replaced the Roman empire, in Western Europe
  21. Medieval
    Referring to the Middle Ages in Europe or the period of history between ancient & modern times
  22. Franks
    A Germanic tribe that conquered present day France and neighboring lands in the 400s
  23. Charles Martel
    He rallied Frankish warriors up & fought off the Muslims in the battle of Tours in 732 & won
  24. Battle of Tours
    Battle in 732 in which the Christian Franks leb by Charles Martel defeated Muslim armies and stopped the muslim advance into Europe
  25. Charlemagne
    A. K. A. Charles the Great, became king of the Franks & unified Western Europe, which is now, France, Germany, and part of Italy
  26. Magyars
    An ethnic group centered in present day Hungary
  27. Vikings
    Scandinavian ppls whose sailors raided Europe from the 700s-1100s
  28. Charter
    In the Middle Ages a written document that set out the rights and privileges of a town
  29. Capital
    Money or wealth used to invest in business or enterprise
  30. Partnership
    A group of merchants who joined together to finance a large-scale venture that would have been to costly for any individual trader
  31. Tenant Farmer
    Someone who would pay rent to a lord to farm part of the lord's land
  32. Middle class
    A group of ppl, including merchants, traders, & artisans, whose rank was between nobles & peasants
  33. Guild
    In the Middle Ages, an association of merchants or artisans who cooperated to uphold standards of their trade & to protect their economic interests
  34. Apprentice
    A young person learning a trade from a master
  35. Journeyman
    A salaried worker employed by a guild master
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