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  1. Slim-producing bacterial communities that may also harbor fungi, algae, and protozoa
  2. Pain associated with continued flexion ans extension of the wrist.
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  3. Process by which liquid is removed from vapor.
  4. Painful conditions that result from ongoing stresses to muscles tendons, nerves, and joints.
    Cumulative Trauma Disorders
  5. Level of supervision in which the dentist is physically present when the dental auxiliary performs delegated functions.
    Direct Supervision
  6. Adaptation of work environment and tasks to the human body.
  7. Specific intraoral functions delegated to an auxiliary that require increased skill and training.
    Expanded Function
  8. Finger rest used when one holds an instrument or handpiece for a specified time.
  9. Having an immune system that is weakened.
  10. Viewing an object with the use of a mirror.
    Indirect Vision
  11. Reach created when the upper arm is fully extended
    Maximum Horizontal Reach
  12. Reach created by a virtical sweep of the forearm while the elbow is kept at midtorso level.
    Maximum Virtical Reach
  13. Use of membrane filters to trap microorganisms suspended in water.
  14. Reach created by a sweep of the forearm with upper arm held at the side.
    Normal Horizontal Reach
  15. Concept by which the face of a clockis used to position the dental team, equipment and supplies.
    Open Zone
  16. Foot-controlled device use to operate dental handpieces.
  17. Injuries caused by sudden twisting or wrenching of a joint with stretching or tearing of ligaments.
  18. Injuries cause by extreme streching of muscles or ligaments.
  19. .
    Supine Position
  20. Upright Position
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