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  1. the perimysium
    a connective tissue layer surrounding individual myofibers
  2. the action of lifting the leg up and forward is
  3. The rectus abdominis muscle has tendons attaching to xiphoid process. during contraction the torso flexes anteriorly.
    the insertion muscle is the xiphoid
  4. where are the melanocytes located?
    in the stratum basale
  5. carotene
    is responsible for giving a yellowish color to the skin
  6. layers of epidermins
    corneum, lucidium, granulosum, spinosum, basale
  7. gland that secreats sweat
    eccrine gland
  8. cns consists of the
    brain and spinal cord
  9. the axon terminal of a sensory neuron terminates on
    the dendrite of an association neuron
  10. the rough er of a neuron
    describes a chromatophillic substance
  11. if someone was hit in the back of the head what would be the symptoms
    visual disturbances
  12. the appetite center of the body is located in
    the hypothalamus
  13. if a persn were parasympathetically stimulated
    blood vessels to the intestines would stimulate
  14. damage to the femoral nerve would result in
    inability to extend the lower leg
  15. an axon
    is the conduction portion of a neuron
  16. the median nerve innervates
    the flexor carpi radialis
  17. white matter is in the
    pns and used to conduct information
  18. the lumbar plexus
    nerves are responsible for proprioception of thigh position
  19. cranial nerve 7 does what
    facial nerve, innervates salvary gland, anterior 2/3 of taste buds, muscles of facial expression, and lacrimal gland
  20. cranial nerve 5 was damaged what would happen?
    inability to chew properly
  21. the sciatic nerve comes from
    sacral plexus
  22. oligodendrocytes
    make the myelin in the CNS
  23. somatic nervous system
    innervates voluntary organs and skeletal muscle
  24. sympathetic nervous system
    • thoracolumbar division of ans
    • fight or flight
    • causes heart rate to increase and airways to dialate
  25. what is involved in a typical reflex response
    • posterior root of a spinal cord
    • receptor organ
    • effector organ
    • anterior horn of the spinal cord
  26. what is located in cervical area of spinal cord
    c1, c8, cervical enlargement
  27. white matter areas
    • anterior root
    • corpus callosum
    • spinal nerve
    • posterior root
  28. frontal lobe
    memory personality and reasoning ability
  29. medulla oblongate
    contains vomiting and cough reflex centers
  30. thalamus
    directs info to specific areas of the cererum
  31. cerebellar peduncles
    connects the brainstem to the cerebellum
  32. elevation
    raising the shoulder, mandible or eyelid
  33. pronation
    turning palms to face posterior
  34. dorsiflexion
    moving the foot so toes point upward
  35. extension
    increasing the angle of a joint
  36. facial nerve
    sensory for proprioception of facial skin position
  37. radial nerve
    tactile sensation on posterior part of arm
  38. tibial nerve
    proprioception from lower leg and foot
  39. trigeminal nerve
    tactile sensation from facial skin
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