Pharm Endocrine

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  1. Sheehan's Syndrome?
    atrophy of the anterior pituitary due to a hemorrhage during labor
  2. What are the 5 releasing hormones released from the Hypothalamus?
    • CRH
    • GnRH
    • TRH
    • PIH
    • GRH
  3. ADH and Oxytocin are produced by what nuclei in the hypothalamus?
    • Supraoptic= ADH
    • Paraventricular--Oxytocin
  4. 3 Drugs used for Prolactinemia?
    • Ergot Derived:
    • 1. Bromocriptine
    • 2. Pergolide
    • 3. Carbergoline
  5. Excess GH produces what in Adults?
    • Adults--acromegaly
    • Kids--Gigantism
  6. Whats an example of entrapment neuropathy?
    Carpal Tunnel
  7. In a normal pt, glucose has what effect on GH?i
    it decreases the release of GH
  8. Measurement of what indicates high level os GH?
  9. Somatostatin analog used in acromegaly, carcinoid, glucagonoma, gastrinoma?
  10. Somatostatin has an inhibitory role in 2 places, what releases it?
    • Hypothalamus--inhibits GH, TSH
    • D cells of Pancreas and GI--Inhibit gastric, pepsinogen, pancreatic enzymes, gall bladder contraction, insulin and glucagon secretion
  11. Tx for acromegaly?
    • surgery
    • Octerotide
  12. What are teh 4 best tx for pituitary adenoma?
    • surgery
    • Octerotide
    • Bromocriptine
    • Radiation therapy
  13. Growth Hormone receptor Antagonist for Gigantism?
  14. 3 strategies to attack osteoporosis?
    • Biphosphonates
    • Raloxifene-estrogen agonist at bone, antagonist at endometrium
    • Somatropin- GH agonist
  15. GH used for dwarfism?
  16. In a case of Hypo. anterior pituitarism, what hormone decreases first?
    • GnRH--decreased sexual function
    • GH
    • TsH
    • GH
  17. 3 causes of Hypo-Ant. pituitarism?
    • Post-Partum Hemorrhage
    • Inflammatory (encephalitis, sarcoidosis)
    • Pituitary apoplexy (hemorrhagic infact due to a pituitary adenoma)
  18. How to diagnose GH deficiency?
    GIve insulin--->hypoglycemia
  19. How to diagnose ACTH deficiency?M
    Metyrapone--inhibit formation of Cortisol-->increases ACTH release
  20. In hypo-pituitarism, what is the 1st hormone to decrease?
    Which one should be treated first?
    • GnRH goes down first
    • Should treat with cortisol*** always to maintain sugar and blood pressure
  21. Which ADH receptor mediates vasoconstriction?
  22. ADH V1 receptor acts on what kind of G protein?
  23. Tx for Lithium Induced Nephrogenic DI?
  24. What effect does lithium have on ur sodium level?
    causes Hyponatremia bc it displaces it
  25. What happens to sodium in Lithium induced DI?
    Hypernatremia vs hyponatremia when there is high plasma levels of Lithium
  26. 2 Tx's for neurogenic DI?
    • Vasopressin
    • Desmopressin
  27. Tx for Nephrogenic DI?
  28. 2 Drugs that cause DI?
    • Lithium
    • Demeclocycline
  29. Tx for SIADH?
    • Demeclocycline
    • Conivaptan
  30. Conivaptan blocks which receptors?
    • V1 and V2
    • V2
  31. What are the 4 Functions of PTH?
    • increase Ca and phosphate resorption
    • increase Ca reabsorption from DCT
    • Increase Phosphoate excretion
    • Increase 1 alpha hydroxylase so increase 1,25 OH2 Vitamin D calcitrol--increases Intestinal Ca absorption
  32. What causes primary Hyperparathyrodism?
    Secondary parathyrodism?
    • Parathyroid adenoma
    • Secondary--low ca leads to High PTH
  33. What is the difference in terms of phosphate homeostasis with PTH and 1,25(OH2)D?
    • PTH increases CA and decreases Phosphate absorption in kidney
    • Vitamin D--increases CA and Phosphate reabsorption in intestine
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