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  1. anatomical neck of the humerous
  2. base of the metacarpals
  3. capitulum
  4. coronoid fossa of the humerous
  5. coronoid process of the ulna
  6. deltoid tuberosity of the humerous
  7. greater tubercle of the humerous
  8. head of the metacarpal
    • intertubercular groove (sulcus)
    • bicipital groove
  9. lesser tubercle of the humerous
  10. medial epicondyle of the humerous
  11. middle phalanx of the hand
  12. olecranon process of the ulna
  13. olecranon process of the humerous
  14. radial fossa of the humerous
  15. radial notch of the ulna
  16. radial tuberosity
  17. scaphoid
  18. styloid process of the radius
  19. styloid process of the ulna
  20. trochlea of the humerous
  21. trochlear (semilunar) notch of the ulna
  22. ulnar notch of the radius
  23. head of the ulna
  24. neck of the radius

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BIOL 223L Lab 4 - Photos 1
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