Lymphatic and Immune Systems

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  1. lymph
    thin, watery fluid found within lymphatic vessels and collected from tissues throughout the body
  2. interstitial fluid
    fluid in the spaces between cells
  3. lymph nodes
    a collection of stationary solid lymphatic tissue along lymph vessels
  4. cervical lymphatic nodes
    lymph nodes in the neck
  5. inguinal lymphatic nodes
    lymph nodes in the groin area
  6. axillary lymph node
    lymph node in the armpits
  7. B lymphocytes
    produce antibodies
  8. T lymphocytes
    attack bacteria and foreign cells
  9. spleen
    produces, stores and eliminates blood cells
  10. thymus gland
    conditions T lymphocytes to react to foreign cells and aids in the immune response
  11. antigen
    substance that the body recognizes as foreign
  12. antibody
    destroys foreign substances or antigens
  13. immunity
    body's ability to resist foreign organisms and toxins
  14. natural immunity
    protection that an individual inherits to fight infection
  15. acquired immunity
    production of antibodies and lymphocytes after exposure to an antigen
  16. plasma cell
    lymphocyte that produces and secretes antibodies
  17. immune response
    The reaction of the cells and fluids of the body to the presence of a substance that is not recognized as a constituent of the body itself.
  18. immunotherapy
    use of immune cells, antibodies, or vaccines to treat or prevent disease
  19. immunosuppression
    The partial or complete suppression of the immune response of an individual, induced to help the survival of an organ after a transplant.
  20. lymphoid organs
    lymph nodes, spleen, and thymus gland
  21. tonsils
    mass of lymphatic tissue in the back of the oropharnyx
  22. adenoids
    mass of lymphatic tissue in the back of the nasopharnyx
  23. toxin
  24. vaccine
    weakened or killed microorganisms, toxins or other proteins given to induce immunity to infection or disease
  25. allergy
    abnormal hypersensitivity acquired by exposure to an antigen
  26. allergen
    an agent that reacts violently to a subsequent exposure
  27. anaphylaxis
    an exaggerated or unusual hypersensitivity to previously encountered foreign proteins or other antigens
  28. atopy
    a hypersensitivity or allergic state arising from an inherited predisposition
  29. autoimmune
    Of or relating to disease caused by antibodies produced against substances naturally present in the body.
  30. lymphedema
    swelling of the lymph nodes
  31. lymphocytopenia
    deficiency of lymphocytes
  32. lymphocytosis
    abnormal condition of lymphocytes
  33. lymphadenopathy
    disease of lymph nodes
  34. lymphadenitis
    inflammed lymph nodes
  35. splenomegaly
    enlarged spleen
  36. splenectomy
    removal of the spleen
  37. thymoma
    malignant tumor of the thymus gland
  38. thymectomy
    removal of the thymus gland
  39. toxic
  40. AIDS
    group of clinical signs and symptoms associated with suppression of the immune system and marked by opportunistic infections, secondary neoplasms, and neurologic problems
  41. lymphoma
    tumor of the lymph
  42. Hodgkin disease
    malignant tumor of lymphoid tissue in spleen and lymph nodes
  43. Non-Hodkins lymphoma
    group of malignant tumors involving lymphoid tissue
  44. HIV
    virus that causes AIDS
  45. retrovirus
    a large group of RNA viruses that includes the leukoviruses and lentiviruses; so called because they carry reverse transcriptase.
  46. ELISA
    detects anti-HIV antibodies
  47. opportunisitic infection
    An infection that occurs because of a weakened immune system,
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