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  1. What South American country was one of the last to be organized by the Spaniards?
  2. before the Spanish had Argentina what did they do to move goods around?
    they took the good across the Andes into Chile then the brought them back across the straights and back to Europe
  3. What was the Vice Royalty originally called that is now Buenos Aires?
    Val Perazo
  4. Other than Buenos Aires what was the first area that the Spanish branched out to in Argentina?
    the Pampas
  5. What are the Pampas great for?
    raising cattle
  6. Where did the big bosses of the Haciendas live?
    In Buenos Aires
  7. What invention made it much easier on the cattle drivers in the Argentinian haciendas?
  8. What does Mesopotamia mean?
    between the two rivers
  9. between what two rivers in Mesopotamia located?
    • Parana Paraguay River
    • the Uruguay River
  10. What are the two crop staples in Mesopotamia?
    • rice
    • citrus
  11. What kind of land is Mesopotamia?
  12. What is the weather like in the Chaco?
    6 months of wet and 6 months of dry
  13. What did they discover 25 years ago in the Chaco?
  14. Where is the Northwest of Argentina located?
    in the Andes Mountains
  15. Why are there not many natives left in Argentina?
    because they used to have a policy that was meant to eradicate the natives from the land
  16. What kinds of metals are in the Northwest of Argentina?
    copper, iron ore, and tin
  17. Who did the Argentians get to do the mining for them?
  18. What resources do they have in the Northwest of Argentina?
    • iron ore, tin, copper
    • timber/lumbar
  19. Where is the Cuyo located?
    right along the Andes Mountains
  20. What city is the main thoroughfare for the 3 capitals that are on the same latitude?
  21. What area of Argentina can you both snow ski and water ski?
  22. What area in Argentina is wellknown for vineyards?
  23. Where was one of the last wildest places in the Americas?
  24. Why were no ports developed on the coasts of Patagonia?
    the rugged coastline
  25. What was Patagonia compared to in America?
  26. What did they find in Patagonia that turned the area around?
  27. What things changed in Patagonia when they found oil?
    • cleaned up the criminal element
    • built a couple ports
    • developed haciends for cattle
    • Jewish towns cropped up
  28. What would cause the Basin and Range to be very productive?
    good irrigation
  29. Why did they not develop the coastline of Venesuela?
    because it was swamp, mosquito ridden, and shark infested
  30. What was the first city developed in Venezuela?
  31. Where are the haciendas in Venezuela located?
    the Orinoco River, Llanos
  32. What is a Venezuelan cowboy called?
  33. What was invented during the time oil was found in Venezuela?
    the automobile and airplane
  34. What area did they start to clean up in Venezuela?
    Maracaibo Lake
  35. how did a middle-class crop up in Venezuela?
    the oil being found
  36. Where did they find oil in Venezuela?
    • Orinoco River
    • And the Maracaibo region
  37. Where was iron ore discovered in Venezuela?
    Guiana Highlands
  38. What famous car dealership built a factory along the Orinoco?
  39. What happened because of the rapid growth in Venezuela?
    • slums grew and drugs with it
    • HIV and crime increased
    • revolution took place due to unrest
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