Spanish Verbs

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  1. escribir
    to write
  2. salir
    to go our
  3. decir
    to say/ tell
  4. venir
    to come
  5. hacer
    to do/make
  6. traer
    to bring
  7. tener
    to have
  8. pedir
    to order
  9. sedir
    to continue/follow
  10. vestir
    to dress
  11. servir
    to serve
  12. pensar
    to think/ plan
  13. quierer
    to want
  14. tener
    to have
  15. venir
    to come
  16. preferir
    to prefer
  17. poder
    to be able to
  18. morir
    to die
  19. dormir
    to sleep
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