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  1. function of ans
    ensure involutary organs funtion at an appropriate level for current conditions
  2. cranial nerve 3
    constricts iris and focuses the cilary muscle for near vision
  3. cranial nerve 7 and 9
    • salivary glands increase secretion
    • lacramil glands increase secretion
    • blood vessels dialate
  4. cranial nerve 10
    • heart rate slows: contraction intensity decreases, coronary vessels constrict
    • lung rate slows: airways constrict and pulmonary vessels constrict
  5. liver bile secretion increases
    • smooth muscle contraction increases
    • blood vessels dialate
  6. stomach secretion increases
    • smooth muscle contraction
    • blood vessels dialate
  7. anus secretion increases
    • increase muscle contraction
    • sphinctor muscles relax
  8. uterus
    uterine vessels dialate
  9. genatillia
    arterioles dialate and venules constrict
  10. parasympathetic
    preganglionic cell body
    located in the brainstem or sacral segment 2-4 of the lateral horn
  11. parasympatheic preganglionic fiber
    • located in cranial nerves 3 7 9 10 or sacral nerves
    • long
  12. parasympathetic postganglionic fiber
    located within or close to the innvervated organ (short)
  13. sympathetic preganglionic cell bodies
    located in the thoracic and lumbar segments
  14. sympathetic postganglonic cell body
    found in sympathetic chain or paravertebral ganglia
  15. sympathetic
    • sweat gland secretion increases
    • arrector pilli muscle contracts
    • adipose is broken down
    • blood vessels constrict to diver blood to muscles
  16. sympathetic skeletal muscle
    blood vessels dialte
  17. sympathetic
    liver/ galbladder
    • bile secretion decreases
    • smooth muscle relaxes
    • blood vessels constrict
  18. sympathetic
    digestive organs
    • secretion decreases
    • smooth muscle relaxes
    • blood vessels constrict
  19. sympathetic
    urinary system
    • smooth muscle reaxes
    • blood vesses constrict
    • sphnctors constrict
  20. sympathetic uterus
    blood vessels constrict
  21. sympatheic
    • smooth muscle: ejaculation
    • arteroles constrict and venules dialate
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