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  1. Laconic
    using or involving the use of a minimum of words

    The man's laconic humor was characterized by terse remarks and deadpan delivery.
  2. catholic (lower case c)
    diverse or widespread

    "Mark's repetoire of cooking techniques was remarkably broad, allowing him to draw uon many culinary traditions to create catholic dishes."
  3. Vicissitudes
    th qulity or state of being changeable

    "The vicissitudious nature of the stock market makes it a challenging place to work."
  4. Venal
    corrupt or capable of being bought

    "The venal politician would do or say anything for some good chocolate."
  5. Fallacious
    tending to deceive or mislead

    "Anyone who says you don't need to study for the GRE is making a fallacious argument."
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