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  1. Pharmacology
    the study of drugs and their uses
  2. Drug
    a chemical that can affect the living process
  3. Dose
    exact amount of medication to be given/taken at the time
  4. Drug Abuse
    misuse or overuse of drug in manner that deviates from the prescribed manner
  5. Drug Addiction
    compulsion to take a drug to relieve a real or imaginary need
  6. Adverse Reaction
    unintended, undesirable, unexpected effect of a medication that causes pain, discomfort, ect.
  7. Side Effect
    mild or annoying but expected and common undesirable effect of a medication
  8. Anaphylaxis
    severe allergic reaction, possibly fatal
  9. Administer
    to give or apply medication to a person
  10. Dispense
    to give medication to a patient to be taken at a later time
  11. Antidote
    drug or substance given to stop a toxic effect
  12. Tablet
    dried powder form of medication that has been pressed into a small disk
  13. Caplet
    oblong tablet with a smooth film-coated cover
  14. Capsule
    small gelatin container filled with medication in powder/granular form
  15. Chewable Tablet
    tablet with sugar or flavor base
  16. Lozenge
    hard, dry medication held in mouth to dissolve
  17. Suspension
    medication in the form of undissolved particles dispensed in a liquid vehicle
  18. Vehicle
    inactive agent that carries an active medical ingrediant
  19. Suppository
    medication carried in cocoa butter for insertion in a body opening such as vagina, rectum
  20. Syrup
    aqueous solution sweetened with sugar to disguise taste
  21. Implant
    form of medication placed under the skin for long term controlled release
  22. Powder
    medication in a fine particle form
  23. Paste
    thick, semisolid preparation that adheres to skin
  24. Cream
    semisolid preparation that is absorbed into the tissue
  25. Ointment
    semisolid in a greasy base that is not absorbed by skin, but medication is
  26. Lotion
    free-flowing liquid with ingredients are suspended in water
  27. Solution
    medication dissolved in liquid
  28. Emulsion
    water and oil mixture containing medication
  29. Nebulizer
    breath activated device that delivers a fine spray of powder into the respiratory tract
  30. Effervescent Tablet
    medication agent that has been mixed with a special salt to release CO2 when a liquid is added
  31. Sublingual Tablet
    tablet designed for under the tongue
  32. Albinism
    deficiency or abscense of pigment of the skin, hair, and iris
  33. Dermitis
    inflammation of the skin
  34. Nevus/Mole
    small, dark skin growths that develop from melancytes
  35. Hidrosis
    production and excretion of sweat
  36. Keratosis
    any skin condition in which there is overgrowth of cornified (hard) epithelium
  37. Vitiligo
    loss of melanocytes resulting in areas of skin lacking color, bordered by normal or hyperpigmented skin
  38. Dermatoplasty
    surgical repair of the skin
  39. Dermatosis
    any skin lesion or eruption
  40. Cicatrix
    a normal scar resulting from healing of wound
  41. Keloid
    abnormally raised or thickened scar that is usually smooth and shiny
  42. Xeroderma
    excessively dry skin
  43. Epidermis
    outermost layer of the skin
  44. Dermis
    innermost layer of the skin
  45. Cellulitis
    inflammation of the connective tissue of skin including subcutaneous tissue
  46. Decubitus
  47. Pruritis
    severe itching
  48. Abrasion
    an injury in which superficial layers of the skin are scraped/rubbed away
  49. Dyschromia
    any disorder of the pigmentation of skin and/or hair
  50. Erythema
    redness of skin or mucous membranes
  51. Sebacious Glands
    oil secreting glands of skin
  52. Vesicle
    small sac containing fluid
  53. Bulla
    a thin walled blister of the skin or mucous membrane greater than 1 cm in diameter
  54. Papule
    red area of elevated skin, pimple
  55. Abscess
    localized collection of puss
  56. Ungual
    pertaining to the fingernails
  57. Onychotomy
    surgical incision into a nailbed
  58. Furuncle
    a boil, inflammation of a sebaceous gland
  59. Cutaneous
    pertaining to the skin
  60. Dermatopathy
    any disease of the skin
  61. Pustule
    small elevation of the skin containing puss
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