jesus: Called Into Relationships

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  1. need to see _______ in historical context
    new testament
  2. salvation history
    deliverance from sins
  3. why was jusaism unique
    professing only one god
  4. core beliefs of judaism (4)
    • one god
    • god created everything
    • god chose a people to be in relationship with
    • god made covenant with the people
  5. what happened when god established covenant with Abram
    • names changed to abraham & sarah (sign of mission from god)
    • promise of land & descendants
    • promise to be in relationship
  6. abraham became the father of ____ and how did he model it
    • faith
    • trusted, & had faith in god
  7. why did the prophets arise
    to be the conscience of the jewish people; to bring them back to god
  8. messianic hope
    prophets spoke of messiah who would bring a new kingdom
  9. how did jesus fulfill old covanent
    through death & resurrection
  10. god's covenant with abraham included
    promise of land
  11. church of the holy sepulchre
    place of jesus' passion, death, & ressurrection
  12. judaism at the time of jesus (geography)
    • galilee
    • samaria
    • judea
  13. bethrothal
    • began with formal ceremony (like engagement)
    • lasted about a year
    • time for couple to get to know one another better
  14. wedding
    • lasted for days
    • like "open house" for family
  15. pharisees
    • most influential religious
    • focused on keeping the people faithful to the law
  16. pharisees law
    • important because it was from god
    • strict observance of sabbath, purity laws
    • often stressed letter of law not spirit
  17. sadducees
    • strict faithfulness
    • wealthy
    • compromise with roman to stay in power
    • often served as chief priests
    • responsible for managing worship in Temple
  18. scribes
    • interpreted and taught the law
    • not a religious party, but scholars
    • responsible to write & keep records
    • read and taught jewish scripture
  19. essenes
    • conservative
    • withdrew from society
    • possible john the baptist was an essene
    • dead sea scrolls
  20. when were the dead sea scrolls placed
    70 AD
  21. sealots
    • used violence
    • considered blasphemy
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