Chapter 10

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  1. integumentary system
    consists of skin and its apendages
  2. cutane/o , derm/o. dermat/o
    combinding form for skin
  3. -derma
  4. dermatology
    study of skin
  5. epidermis
    outermost layer of skin
  6. dermis
  7. keratin
    proteing that provides skin with its water poof properties
  8. kerat/o
    combining form for keratin
  9. melanocytes
    produce and contain a black pigment
  10. melanin
    the black pigment
  11. melan/o
    combining form for melanin
  12. albinism
    absence of nomal pigmentation
  13. subcutaneous layer/ tissue
    located deep or under the dermis and is compiosed of connective tissue. (contains lots of fat)
  14. hypodermis
    located deep under the dermis
  15. adip/o
    combining form for fat
  16. sebaceous glands
    secrete an oil substance
  17. sebum
    oil that is secreted
  18. seb/o
    combing form for sebum
  19. sweat glands
    aggreagtion of cells that are located in teh dermis
  20. hyperthermia
    high body temperature
  21. hypothermia
    low body temperature
  22. hidrosis
    production and excreation of sweat
  23. hydro/o
    combining for meaning sweat
  24. anhidrosis
    abnormal production of sweat
  25. hyperhidrosis
    excessive sweating
  26. ceruminous glands
    modified sweat glands that are located in the ear canal
  27. cerumen
    waxy substance in ear
  28. pil/i, pil/o, trich/o
    combining form for hair
  29. hair folicles
    sacs that hold the hair fibers
  30. fur
    short, fine soft hair
  31. pelt
    skin in addition to fur or hair
  32. guard hair, primary hairs, top coat
    long, straight stiff hairs that form the outer coat.
  33. secondary hairs, undercoat,
  34. finer softer hair, wavy hair.
  35. tactile hair, vibissae
    long brittle hairs located on face (whiskers)
  36. shedding
    normal hair loss cuased by temp or hormones, and nuterition
  37. digital pads
    on the bottom of dog and cat paws
  38. metacarpal and metatarsal pads
    singular pads located on the pamlar and plantar surfaces
  39. carpal pad
    located on the palmar surface of each carpus
  40. digitigrade
    animals that walk on their toes with only the digital and meta carpal pads hitting the ground
  41. plantigrade
    animals that have well developed foot pads
  42. nails./ claws
    keratin plates that cover the dorsal surface of the distal phanlanx
  43. onychy/o
    combinig form for claw
  44. quick
    the sensitive tissue in the nail
  45. quicking
    trimming of the nail or claw to the level of the dermis
  46. hooves
    horny covering of the distal phanlanx
  47. unglates
    animlas with hooves
  48. ungul/o
    combing form for hoof
  49. coronary band, coronet
    region where the hoof meets the skin
  50. wall
    epidermal tissue that includes the toe, quarters and heels
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