Entrepreneurship 9

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  1. four marketing factors
    • product
    • price
    • place
    • promotion
  2. how to build your brand
    • chose the right name
    • logo
    • good rep
    • brand personality
    • communicate personality to target market
  3. logo
    short for logotype, a company trademark or sign
  4. trademark
    any word, name, symbol, or device used by an organization to distinguish its product
  5. philanthropy
    a concern for human and social welfare that is expressed by giving money through charities and foundations
  6. foundation
    a not-for-profit organization that manages donated funds, which it distributes through grants to individuals, or to other nonprofit organizations that help people and social causes
  7. not-for-profit organization
    an entity formed with the intention of addressing social or other issues, with any profits going back into the organization to support its mission
  8. cause-related marketing
    marketing inspired by a commitment to a social, environmental, or political cause
  9. goodwill
    an intangible asset generated when a company does something positive that has value
  10. marketing plan
    identifies organizatons marketing strategy and tactics to create a comprehensive statement of how it will secure and retain its customers, includine four p's
  11. marketing analysis
    brings together the various strategic and tactical components of the marketing efforts into a single comprehensive section
  12. breakeven units
    fixed cost/ gross profit per unit; tells if marketing plan is viable
  13. importance of marketing plan
    • merit
    • using market studies
    • tagert market
    • evaluate competition
    • price strategy
    • advertising plan
  14. indentify critical components of marketing plan
    • opportunity analysis
    • marketing analysis
    • financial projections
    • implementation time line
    • measurement
    • supplemental information
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