Entrepreneurship 10

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  1. advertising
    paid promotion that is intended to support increased sales
  2. publicity
    free mention of a company, or related in media
  3. promotions opportunity analysis
    a process that includes research into target markets and the promotional strategies to reach them
  4. five steps of promotional opportunity analysis
    conduct a communications market analysis

    • establish communcations objectives
    • create a communictions budget
    • prepare promotional strategies
    • match tactics with strategies
  5. institutional advertising
    provides information about an organization, rather than a specific product, and is intended to create awareness about the firm and enhance its image
  6. product advertising
    designed to create awareness, interest, purchasing behavior, and post-purchase satisfaction for specific products and services
  7. media strategy
    the identification of the media a business will use and the creative decisions involved
  8. media schedule
    spells out particular media vehicles to be used, volume of usage, and timing
  9. reach
    number of components ina target audience that will be exposed to the advertising in a given time
  10. frequency
    how often exposed to advertising
  11. opportunities to see
    cumulative number of exposures in a given period - usually four weeks
  12. gross ratings points
    reach x ots to measure intensity or impact of a media plan
  13. media planner
    person that creates media plan with specific advertising schedule
  14. media buyer
    the person who purchases time and space and negotiate
  15. sales promotion methods
    • sampling
    • advetising specialties
    • trade show exhibits
    • mall carts or kiosks
  16. alternative marketing
    • guerilla marketing
    • buzz marketing
    • product placement/branded entertainment
    • lifestyle
    • in-store
  17. guerilla marketing
    original, unconventional, and inexpensive small-business strategies
  18. buzz marketing
    word of mouth
  19. e-active marketing
    when the two major components of internet marketing- e-commerce and interactive marketing -combine
  20. public relations
    • special events
    • sponsorships
    • networking
    • public speaking
  21. AIDA
    • get attention
    • be interesting
    • create desire
    • call to action
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