Les miserable vocabulary words

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  1. lugubrious
    exaggeratedly sad and mournful
  2. sundry
  3. ignominy
    disgrace humiliation
  4. lackadaisicalness
  5. enigma
    a riddle a puzzling person or situation
  6. venerable
    worthy of respect
  7. sepulchral
    gloomy as if having characteristics of the grave
  8. ineffable
    inexpressible to sacred to speak about
  9. homely
  10. panoply
    an impressive array
  11. amiable
  12. reverie
    a daydream
  13. philanthropist
    one who gives generously to charity for the benefit of mankind
  14. accoutrement
    equipment as in for a soldier
  15. denounments
    the final revelation where everything becomes clear
  16. insurrection
    rising up against authority
  17. pedantic
    educated arrogant about knowledge making a show of knowledge
  18. incessantly
    continuing without stopping
  19. imminent
    about to happen
  20. countenance
    a face or expression
  21. obscurity
    unclearness something not known
  22. concalescence
    period of time for a person after sickness to get healthy
  23. livid
    very angry
  24. braggart
    some one who brags
  25. bourgeois
    middle class
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