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  1. Functions of Water
    • 1. Aqueous environment for chemical reactions
    • 2. Fluid for transport of nutrients and waste
    • 3. Helps control body temperature
  2. Water leaves the body through.....
    • 1. the skin
    • 2. the lungs
    • 3. urine
    • 4. fecal elimination
  3. Body water is divided into two major comparatments
    1. Water outside the cell
    2. Water inside the cell
    • 1. Extracellular fluid compartment: blood, plasma, interstital fluid
    • 2. Intracellular fluid compartment:
  4. Hormones that influence on water balance
    Hormones that deal with water volume in the body/water regulation level
    • 1. Antidiuretic hormone
    • 2. Aldosterone
  5. Kidney is the main site of water balance regulation
    Water re-absorption does also occur, however, in the colon
  6. Cultural identity
    • Culture is broadly defined as the values, beliefs, attitudes, and practices accepted by members of a group or community
    • Culture is passed from generation to generation and learned gradually as a child grows up within the community
  7. Psychological influences
    • 1. Basic physiologic needs: hunger and thirst
    • 2. Need for safety: physical comfort, security, and protection
  8. _________ of American family food dollar is spent for food consumed ________
    • Half
    • Away from the home
  9. Changing American food patterns
    • 1. Families eat fewer meals together
    • 2. Children make their own meals
    • 3. 1/2 of $ food = away from home
    • 4. Emphasis on Convenience Meals
    • 5. The Grazers
    • 6. Eating as a Family
  10. Exaggerated food claims
    • 1. Certain food will cure diseases
    • 2. Certain foods are harmful and should be avoided
    • 3. Certain food combinations have special therapeutic effects
    • 4. Only natural foods can meet body needs and prevent disease
  11. Biotechnolgy
    • the field of science involved with gene technology
    • ---allows us to add or remove a gene from the deoxyribonucleic
    • the manipulation of organisms at the molecular level
  12. Two biotech applications that provide examples of teh biosafety review process
    • 1. Bovine growth hormone: genetically modified to grow bigger and produce more
    • 2. Genetically modified plants: resistance to herbicides
  13. Genetically modified food plants
    • introduced in the early 1990s
    • 6 million farmers in 16 countries
    • reason USA produces more than any other country
  14. Goals of genetic modification
    • 1. increased resistance to disease and insects
    • 2. increased tolerance to weather conditions
    • 3. increased nutritional value
  15. Three major concerns of public groups
    • 1. Risk of allergic reactions
    • 2. Potential toxicity to humans
    • 3. Potential danger to the environment
  16. USDA-the US Department of Agriculture
    Meat and Poulty
  17. FDA-Food and Drug Administration
    • Drugs and make-up
    • All foods except meat and poultry
  18. FDA and USDA work with the Environmental Protection agency (EPA) to ensure that pesticide residues do not exceed tolerance standards
  19. FDA's control over food and drug ingredients began in ____
  20. Steps needed to ensure costomer safety are new since _____
  21. Pollution and waste
    • The FDA monitors the mercury content of ocean and farm raised fish sold in US
    • Mercury-heavy metal

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