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  1. What does exposition mean?
    A description and explanation of and idea or theoryor at the beginning of the story when all the characters are introduced.
  2. What does setting mean?
    When and where something or an event takes place.
  3. What does climax mean?
    The most exciting and or emotional point of a story and turning point of the story.
  4. What does conflict mean?
    A disagreement, argument and or a character crisis.
  5. What does falling action mean?
    When all problems are solved and usually right before you find out how the story is going to end.
  6. What does rising action mean?
    When the story begins to develop a conflict and intrest of suspense, which includes six steps.
  7. What does resloution mean?
    This is towards the end of the story and when all the loose ends are tied up.
  8. What are the characters?
    The main people in the story and explains who they are, for example if they are a good guy, a bad guy, someone important, etc.
  9. What does theme mean?
    The main idea or lesson of the story.
  10. What does foreshadowing mean?
    To hint at something that will happen in the future.
  11. What does protagonist mean?
    The leading or main charcter in the story.
  12. What is an antagonists?
    A person who is unfriendly or the bad guy.
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