Social Studies Civil War

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  1. The first battle between ____ was between the Moniter and the Virginia.
  2. The south expected that European textile mills depended so much on ___ that France and Britian would have to aid the Confederate cause.
    King Cotton
  3. The four ______ that had slavery but stayed in the Union were Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri.
    Bored states
  4. The North's navy set up a ____ so that goods could neither enter nor leave the South.
  5. In Virgina in 1862, Lee's army defeated McCellan's in the _______.
    Seven day's battles.
  6. Fort Sumter was
    A. A Union victory in Tennessee
    B. The Southern victory that started the war
    C. the bloodiest day in American history
    D. the conditions and practices that promote health
  7. Robert E. Lee was
    A. A Union general victorious in the West
    B. A talented military leader from Virgina
    C. A group of soilders on horseback
    D. A Union Victory in Tennesse.
    B. A talented military leader from Virgina
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  8. Hygiene was...?
    The conditions and practices that promote health
  9. The Anaconda plan was...?
    The plan to smother the Souths economy.
  10. A Rifle was a....?
    A gun with a grooved barel
  11. First Battle of Bull Run ?
    A Union loss near Manassas, Virginia
  12. Battle of Antietam
    The bloodiest day in American History
  13. Ulysses S. Grant
    A Union general victorious in the West
  14. Battle of Shiloh
    A Union victory in Tennessee
  15. Cavalry
    A group of soilders on horseback
  16. The Civil war brought many changes in the Us. Soon after the war started, the government established the first ______, a tax on earnings.
    Income Tax
  17. In 1862, the government issued new paper money, known as ____.
  18. Women such as ____ created or expanded relief agencies that help Union soilders.
    Clara Barton
  19. Under the laws of ___ men were required to serve in the military.
  20. Just after the fighting ended, ____ assassinated the president.
    John Wilkes Booth
  21. CopperHeads were?
    Northern Democrats wanting Peace.
  22. Total War
    a fight against enemy troops and everything that supports them.
  23. Draft
    A law forcing men into military service
  24. Bounty
    Cash payments to army volunteers
  25. Battle of Gettysburg
    A UNION victory in Pennsylvania
  26. Picketts charge?
    A failed attack by 13,000 Confederates
  27. Siege of Vicksburg?
    A UNION victory in Mississippi
  28. Ulysses S. Grant
    A UNION general at Appomattox
  29. Robert E. Lee
    The CONFEDERATE general at Appomattox
  30. William Tecumseh Sherman
    The general who marched through Georgia.
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