Unit 4 again

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  1. Intensity?
    Amount of energy in light waves-determined by a wave’s amplitude, or height
  2. Pupil?
    Adjustable opening in the center of the eye through which light enters
  3. Iris?
    Right of muscle tissue that forms the colored portion of the eye around the pupil and controls the size of the pupil opening
  4. Lens?
    Transparent structure behind the pupil that changes shape to help focus images on the retina
  5. Retina?
    Multilayered tissue on the eyeball’s sensitive inner surface
  6. Accommodation?
    Process by which the eye’s lens changes shape to focus near or far objects on the retina
  7. Rods \ Cones?
    Retinal receptor cells, rods: see gray, black, white, and twilight vision (peripheral) when codes don’t respond, cones: detect fine detail and give rise to color
  8. Optic nerve?
    Nerve that carries neural impulses from the eye to the brain
  9. Blind spot?
    Point at which the optic nerve leaves the eye, creating a “blind” spot because no receptor cells are located there
  10. Fovea?
    Central focal point in the retina, around which the eye’s cones cluster
  11. Feature detectors?
    Nerve cells in the brain that respond to specific features of the stimulus, such as shape, angle, or movement
  12. Parallel processing?
    Doing many things at once
  13. Young-Helmholtz dichromatic (three color) Theory?
    Theory that the retina contains 3 different color receptors
  14. Opponent process theory?
    Theory that opposing retinal processes (red-green, yellow-blue, white-black) enable color vision
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