Engineering- 2.1

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  1. cable
    strong rope made of metal used in structures
  2. centriod
    geometrical center of an area
  3. compression force
    body subjected to a push
  4. concurrent force systems
    all forces applied at the same point/ action lines having the same intersection
  5. cross-sectional area
    exposing a surface or shape by cutting through a 90 degree angle from the axis
  6. direction
    direction of a vector is defined by the angle between a reference point and the arrow's line of direction
  7. fixed support
    prevents translation or rotation in a beam
  8. flange
    broad ridge, connected at a right angle, that's used to strengthen a structure
  9. free body diagram
    shows all external forces acting on a body
  10. guesset
    plate or bracket used to strengthen an angle
  11. joint
    connection of points of members of a truss
  12. magnitude
    absolute value of a number
  13. member
    straight pieces of a truss
  14. method of joints
    analysis of trusses that contructs free body diagrams of each joint & determins forces acting on that joint by considering the equilibrium of the joint pin
  15. moment
    turning effect of a force
  16. moment of inertia
    mathmatical property of a cross-section that is concerned with surface area & how that area is distributed about a centroidial axis
  17. Newton's 1st law
    things at rest stay at rest, things in motion stay in motion- unless acted upon by another force
  18. Newton's 2nd law
    change of motion of a body is proportional to the net force applied
  19. Newton's 3rd law
    for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
  20. pinned support
    prevents translation in any direction
  21. planar truss
    lies on a single plane. often used to support roofs & bridges
  22. resultant force
    result of a system of force is the vector sum of all forces
  23. roller support
    only prevents a beam from translating in 1 direction
  24. scalar
    physical quiantity that has magnitude only
  25. sense
    direction of the vector realtive to its path & indicated by the location of the arrow
  26. simple truss
    composed of triangles
  27. static quilibrium
    no motion or continuous motion
  28. statically inderminate
    a body that is over-constrained such that there are no more unkown supports than there are equations of static equilibrium
  29. structure
    make up of interdependant parts in a definite pattern & organization
  30. tension force
    body subjected to a pull
  31. vector quality
    quantity with both magnitude & direction
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