Astronomy 4.3

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  1. The reflectivity (also called albedo) of Venus in the visible region is about what percent?
    70 percent
  2. What is the approximate sidereal rotation period of Venus about its axis? (+ is prograde, - is retrograde)
    -243 Earth days
  3. What is a phrase that characterizes the conditions that prevail on the surface of Venus?
    Hot, dry, and dusty
  4. The lack of a strong magnetic field on Venus probably is due in part to what consideration?
    Its slow overall rotation.
  5. What intrinsic property of Venus makes it very reflective of light?
    It is completely covered by clouds.
  6. How fast does the upper deck of clouds over Venus move?
  7. What are some true statements about the atmosphere of Venus and its contents?
    • 1. The couldest layers of Venus's atmosphere lie 50 to 150 km above its surface.
    • 2. There is no significant ozone layer in the atmosphere of Venus.
    • 3. The clouds in the atmosphere of Venus are composed primarily of sulfuric acid.
    • 4. The atmosphere of Venus is composed primarily of carbon dioxide.
  8. What physical process destroyed most of the water in the atmosphere of venus?
    Solar ultraviolet light.
  9. What did the surface of Venus look like in the photographs taken by the Soviet Venera spacecraft?
    small and medium sized rocks, some eroded, some finder material.
  10. Venus is about 6 times smaller in apparent size when farthest from Earth (superior conjunction) than when it is closest (inferior conjunction). Estimate Venus's angular size when it is farthest from Earth.
    10 arc seconds.
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