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  1. most common spinal deformity in children involves lateral curvature gretaer than 20 degrees. occurs for frequent in prepubescent girls, not caused by any other disease or deformity
  2. manifestation fo scoliosis
    • curve spin
    • rib hump when bending
    • uneven shoulder/pelvic height
  3. med mgt for scoliosis
    stop curvature early throgh electtrical stimulation, bracing, exercise
  4. surgical mgt for scoliosis
    surgery for freater thsn 40 degree curvature
  5. necrosis of the head of the femur, cause is unknown most common in caucasians manifestation is hip/knee soreness, quad atrophy, painful limp
    legg-calve- perthes disease
  6. med mgt for legg-calve- perthes disease
    • dx through xray
    • maintain shape of femoral head
    • reduce stiffness
  7. tx of choice for legg-calve- perthes disease
  8. nurse mgt for legg-calve- perthes disease
    maintain mobility
  9. x-linked recessive herediatary, progressive, degenerative disorder of musclesoccurs among males, carried by females includes delayed motor developmetndifficult standing, muscle weaknessfrequent falling
    duchenne muscular dystophy
  10. walking the hands up the legs to move from sitting to standing postion associated with duchenes
    Gowers sign
  11. ducehnne muscular dystophy usually dont live beyind ___
  12. Cx of DMD
    • obesity
    • resp infection
    • cardiac failure
    • contractures
  13. Dx of DMD
    • muscle biopsy
    • electromyography
    • serum enzyme assay
  14. med mgt for DMD
    • maintain ambulation/independence
    • maximize sitting capability
    • self care
    • resp. function
    • genetic counseling
  15. systemic multisystem disorder that effecst bodys connective tissue also known as autoimmune inflammatory disease
    juvenile arthitis
  16. JA manifestation
    joint swelling, pain, tenderness lasting more than 6 weeks
  17. Cx of JA
    • blindness
    • disability

    *prognosis good with early detection
  18. med mgt for JA
    • mobility
    • joint preservation
    • drugs
    • Physical therapy
    • surgery
  19. pharm mgt for JA
    • asprin
    • NSAIDS (motrin)
    • corticosteroids
    • naproxin
    • cytotoxic drugs if severe
  20. fractures in children compared to adults
    less complicated adn heal quickly
  21. most commonly fractured bones in kids
    • clavicle
    • tibia
    • femur
    • humerus
    • wrist
    • fingers
  22. fractures in ____ cna cause permanent damage
    epiphyseal plate (growth plate)
  23. type of fractures common bc of imcoplete ossification
    greenstick fracture
  24. old fractures can indicate evidence of _____
    • possible child abuse
    • osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone)
  25. fracture TX
    • realignement
    • immobilization
    • casting
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