Social Studies Vocab Chapter 3

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  1. Standing Army
    an army with paid, full time soldiers
  2. Innovation
    a new way of doing things
  3. Taxation
    The practice of requiring people to pay for the running of their government
  4. Division of Labor
    the sharing of large jobs so that each worker does only part of it
  5. Centralized Government
    a form of government in which the national government maintains the power
  6. Surplus
    an extra supply
  7. Code
    a set of laws written down in a clear and orderly way
  8. Monarchy
    the system of government in which a king or queen rules
  9. Principle
    a rule or code of conduct ; a belief
  10. Absolute Authority
    a system of government in which one person has complete control
  11. Chariot
    a two-wheeled, horse-drawn cart used in ancient times to carry soldiers into battle
  12. Bureaucracy
    a network of specially selected government officials
  13. Territory
    a large division of a country that does not have the same rights of self-government as the rest of the country
  14. Conquer
    to take over
  15. Relief
    a wall carving that stands out from the surface of a building
  16. Empire
    vast lands and varied people that come under control of a single government
  17. Scribe
    a person who writes things for others
  18. Conflict
    a disagreement between two or more people or groups
  19. Pictograph
    a drawing or symbol used to represent a word
  20. Compromise
    to give up some of what you want in order to reach an agreement
  21. Cuneiform
    a form of ancient writing in southwest asia (sumerians) (wedge shaped writing)
  22. Warfare
    a military activity undertaken by one nation to weaken or destroy one another
  23. Social Class
    a group that has a particular level of importance in a society
  24. Decree
    an official order or decision made by a ruler
  25. Merchant
    a person who buys and sells goods to make a living
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