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  1. What does this image represent?
    This image is Venus of Willendorf. Her exaggerated breasts & stomach symbolize fertility or childbearing. Her belly button is a natural indentation of stone, not made from carving
  2. What is the beaker w/ ibex, dogs & long-necked birds from Susa?
    • The beaker w/ ibex is associated w/ the hunt & may symbolize plenty.
    • Front & hind legs of the ibex are made from 2 triangles, tail hangs like a feather, head is disconnected from the body & horns rise in a large, exaggerated arc to encircle a decorative circular form.
    • Hounds race above the ibex.
    • Wading birds form a decorative band across the beaker’s top

  3. What is the importance of the Stonehenge?

    The Stonehenge, on the Salisbury Plain, is the most famous type of megalith is the cromlech from the Celtic, crom - circle & lech - place. The site at the Stonehenge reflects 4 major building periods, extending from about 2750 - 1500 BCE. The reason for it being made is still unknown, but is surely related to the summer solstice, connecting to harvest & planting.
  4. Why is the Buffalo Kachina designed?

    The Buffalo Kachina is designed to increase the poplulation of fur-bearing animals in the ard environment of the Southwest
  5. What did the Royal Standard of Ur depict?

    The Royal Standard of Ur depicts main panels of teh rectangular box of unknown function are called "War" & "Peace", illustrating a miltiary victory on one side & banquet celebration on the other.
  6. Explain the Palette of Narmer

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