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  1. Individual psychotherapy
    professionals who are trained to help people change their thoughts emotions or behaviors to imrove their psychological problems
  2. Clinical psychologist
    holds a doctor degree and is trained to conduct psychological testing and assessment counseling or research
  3. counselors
    work to improve the psychological health of their clients
  4. self-help
    people who chose to cope with their problems themselves
  5. social worker
    a type of mental health professional who usually works in a community
  6. rehabilitation psychologist
    help agencies give clients occupational and social skills (community programs)
  7. psychatrist
    hold an MD and can prescribe meds (biological)
  8. Psychaitric nurse
    may work in congunction with psychatrist and psychologist in am impatient mental health faciliy (biological)
  9. Psychoanalysis
    involves uncovering unconscious images and conflicts then understanding the cause (psychodynamic)
  10. free association
    • reveal the unconscious thoughts of clients
    • (psychodynamic)
  11. dream analysis
    interpret the meaning of clients' dreams (pyschodynamic)
  12. transference
    clients display intense feelings towards therapist (psychdynamic)
  13. interpretation
    a technique that a theapist uses the find out a clients repressed conflict and unconscious motivations, the trained analyst may bring them to the client's attention
  14. resistance
    where the clients refuse to say anything (psychodynamic)
  15. client-centered therapy
    therapist builds a supportive warm enviroment and acts as a facilitator in understanding the clients' feelings (humanistic)
  16. unconditional positive regard
    Involves respecting and accepting client regardless of what they say or do. ( humanistic)
  17. empathy
    try to understand the world from their clients' perspective (humanistic)
  18. genuine
    open and honest with clients (humanistic)
  19. existentialist psycholotherapy
    treatment focuses on what constitutes a clients' existence (humanistic)
  20. behavioral therapy
    aim to reduce the overt symptoms of mental problems or to change behavior
  21. counterconditioning
    an unwanting response to a particular stimulus is replaced by a more appropriate response through conditioning
  22. systemati desensitization
    used to treat phobias or other types of anxiety, goal is to replace the unwanted anxiety response with an incomparticle response, relaxation (behavioral)
  23. anxiety hierarchy
    a list of imagined situations that progressively lead to the feared event (behavioral)
  24. aversion therapy
    used to replace a pleasant response to aan undesired activity eith an unpleasant response (behavioral)
  25. token economy
    reinforcement in mental institution (behavioral)
  26. social skills training
    therapist models approproate behaviors; in turn the clients reherse the behaviors and the therapist reinforces their new behavior (behavioral)
  27. biofeedback
    client is connected to sensors and a display(behavioral)
  28. rational-emotive therapy
    modeled after the ABC theory(cognitive)
  29. becks cognitive therapy
    challenges clients' irrational thoughts (cognitive)
  30. eclecticism
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