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  1. Term used to describe the mobile tent utilized by Mongols?
  2. Political Organization of Islam when Umayyad family assumed power ?
    Federation of regional armies
  3. Foundation of civil law in nearly every modern European nation?
    Corpus Juris Civilis
  4. Consequence bought by Incan practice of the cult of the mummy?
    Overexpansion of the empire
  5. Property tax on all non-muslims?
  6. Implementation of this practice helped Mongols rule vast majorities of land?
    • Religious tolerance
    • Adopted religion + government of the people they conquered
  7. Most influential consequence of Trans-Saharan trade?
    Influence of Islam
  8. Event that cause the Mediterranean World to be familiar with wealth and power of Mali?
    Mansa Musa's pilgrimage to Mecca
  9. Great Zimbabwe had a large supply of this natural resource?
  10. Names of Genghis Khan's most famous sons?
    • Kublai Khan (Grandson)
    • Ogodei Khan (Son)
  11. Controversy between Sunni's and Shi'ites?
    • Issue on religious authority of the community
    • Rightful successor after Muhammad?
  12. Two religious groups that Crusades were fought againt?
    Jews and Muslims
  13. Mayan Society- What social group owned private land, defended society, carried on activities, and directed religious rituals?
    Nobles + Elites
  14. Term referred to as sixth pillar of Islam?
    Jihad- spreading of Islam / holy war
  15. Emperor's right to intervene in religious disputes?
    Iconic Controversy
  16. Religion that Mughals / Gupta were in competition with?
    Buddhism - majority appeal to all classes
  17. Two weapons that gave the Mongols advantage on battlefield?
    Bow + Horse
  18. Method used by Aztecs to keep control of their ethnically diverse empire?
    • Terror
    • *Incas- relocation*
  19. Sundiata (magician slave) + Mansa Musa were both considered great rulers because...
    • Great Military success
    • united tribes, conquered, secured boundaries (of Mali)
  20. Man considered to be the real creator of the Gupta empire?
    • Samudragupta
    • trade+tech+science flourished
    • textile center of the world
  21. Reasons why Latin American societies participated in warfare?
    • Human Sacrifice- needed more ppl
    • Imperial Expansion
  22. 14th century clerics used this term to decribe the sacred patriotic crusade to wrest Spain from Muslim hands?
  23. Principle of Sukhalal promoted this?
    Universal tolerance
  24. Rle government plays in Islamic Society?
    • Carrying out word of Quran
    • *theocracy- religion & state are the same, no seperation!*
  25. Why Canon law was significant?
    • Chruch superceded state law?
    • * Charlemagne- set the rule to let the pope rule the state*
  26. Muslim theology was fuly compatible with this economic activity?
    Trade / Merchants
  27. Name of Khanate located in Russia?
    Golden Horde
  28. Main concept that dominated social/political/economic Latin American societies?
    Religion + War
  29. Name of Muslim traveler who travelwd throughout Sub-Saharan Africa?
    Ibn Batutta
  30. Two dominant religions of Mughal empire (India)?
    Buddhism + Hinduism
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