English elements of a plot

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  1. Exposition
    exposition is the begining of the "story" where the charecters are introduced
  2. Setting
    The setting of a "story" is the place and time were the story takes place.
  3. Rising action
    the rising action is the events that lead up to the climax it consists of 6 of them
  4. falling action
    All lose ends are tied up right before you find out the ending if its happy or sad
  5. Resolution
    the end of the story
  6. Characters
    The main characters in the story with a breif description
  7. Theme
    main idea of a fictional story its like a moral lesson it could be simple or difficult.
  8. Forshadowing
    something in the story that is singnaling something important about an item or characters
  9. Protagonist
    A protaganist is the good person in a story
  10. Antagonist
    An antaganist is the bad person in a story always trying to stop the protaganist
  11. Climax
    The turning point of the story main charectercomes in contact with the conflict face to face *Most emmotional part
  12. Conflict
    A problem faced by the charecters in the story
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