lung channel

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  1. where does the lung channel begin
    in the middle jiao
  2. organs entered by the lung channel
    • stomach-extra organ
    • lung
    • large intestine
  3. tissue of the lung channel
  4. linkage of the lung channel
    lung 7 to large intestine 1
  5. lung channel goes to the
    Nose (via the large intestine-the yang pair)
  6. lung channel pathologies
    • cough and asthmatic breathing
    • congested and sore throat
    • fullness in chest
    • pain in shoulder, back, anterior border of aspect in the arm
    • pain in supraclavicular fossa, shoulder, back, and medial aspect of arm
    • hemoptysis (coughing of blood)
  7. lung luo channel pathway
    seperates from the primary channel at lung 7 and disperses into the thenar eminence, connects wtih the large intestine channel
  8. lung luo channel xu symptoms
    • shortness of breathe
    • frequent urination
    • incontinence\enuerisis (bed wetting)
    • yawning
  9. lung luo channel shi symptoms
    • hot palms or wrists
    • tightness in chest, chest pain (from blood stasis)
    • hemoptysis
  10. lung tm\sinew pathological symptoms
    • stiff, strained, twisted muscles and pain along the channel
    • muscle spasms, cramping, pain, spitting of blood, pain over ribs
  11. lung divergent channel diverges at the
  12. lung divergent channel enters the
  13. lung divergent channel emerges at the
    SCF (sternoclavicularfossa)
  14. lung divergent channel converges at the
    throat (LI 18)
  15. pathway of lung divergent channel
    • diverges from the lung primary channel at the axilla
    • connects with the lung and disperses into LI
    • a branch ascends from lung; emerges at SCF, ascends across the throat and converges with the LI channel at the neck
  16. lung divergent channel treats
    • nasal obstruction\disorders
    • nose bleed
    • disorders of throat i.e. dryness, soreness, congestion, swelling and pain
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