Aircrew Fundamentals Journeyman

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  1. Where is United States Air Forces Europe area of responsibility?
    You establish a stronger foundation as an aircrew member.
  2. Why is it important to understand the other enlisted aircrew specialties?
    You will often share the same responsibilities, sometimes on the same aircraft.
  3. Who does the boom operator coordinate with on the status of the aircraft?
    Maintenance personnel and the aircraft commander or the flight engineer.
  4. Once preflight is completed and load planning is done, what does the loadmaster supervise?
    The loading of the aircraft and direct or apply the cargo restraint as needed.
  5. What functions does the airborne mission systems specialist perform on airborne computerequipment?
    Inspect, maintain, operate, and repair.
  6. What is the main concern of the airborne battle management systems specialist whenconducting close air support and combat search and rescue mission?
    Safety of friendly ground forces.
  7. What responsibilities does the aerial gunner have on weapons systems?
    Ensure maximum availability and utilization of weapons systems
  8. Who is responsible for the daily taskings of aircrew members within a unit?
    Element leaders.
  9. What office works closely with the scheduling and squadron standardization and evaluationoffices for scheduling training missions and checkrides?
    Aircrew training.
  10. What duty is common for flight superintendents to perform?
    First sergeant.
  11. What is an example of a unique career broadening experience?
    Tanker Airlift Control Center, Career Enlisted Aviator Center of Excellence, MAJCOM FunctionalManager, Enlisted Aircrew Career Field Manager.
  12. Why is it recommended to take positions of leadership and volunteer for variousassignments?
    To help build your foundation as an aircrew member.
  13. What is the United States Central Command’s area of responsibility?
    From the Horn of Africa to Central Asia.
  14. Where is United States European Command headquarters located at?
    Mons, Belgium.
  15. The United States Northern Command is the command for what mission?
    Homeland defense and civil support.
  16. Who does United States Special Operations Command lead, plan, synchronize, and executeglobal operations against?
    Terrorist networks
  17. What is the United States Strategic Command is charged with?
    Deterring and defending against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
  18. What is United States Transportation Command’s number one priority?
    Responding to the needs of DOD warfighting commanders
  19. The task of Allied Command Europe is to safeguard what area?
    The northern tip of Norway to Southern Europe
  20. Who does the Combined Forces Command exercise operational control over?
    Korean and American forces responsible for the defense of the Republic of Korea
  21. How many member countries are in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization?
    There are 26 member countries.
  22. What is North American Aerospace Defense Command’s threefold mission?
    Watching, warning, and responding to any threat to the North American continent.
  23. What does the Air National Guard help their states with?
    Coping with natural disasters and civil unrest.
  24. The Air Force Reserve Associate Program meshes what two units together?
    Reserve and active duty units.
  25. The Reverse Associate program is a key component of what approach to meeting our nation’smilitary requirements?
    The Total Force approach.
  26. What is Air Force Materiel Command’s vision?
    War-winning capabilities – on time, on cost.
  27. When did the Air Force Reserve Command become a Major Command?
    With the Defense Authorization act of 1997.
  28. What does Air Force Space Command’s intercontinental ballistic missile force consist of?
    Minuteman III missiles
  29. What are some of the countries Air Mobility Command has supported in peacekeeping andhumanitarian efforts?
    Bosnia, Iraq, Cambodia, Somalia, Rwanda, and Haiti
  30. Who does the Pacific Air Forces work with to ensure peace and advance freedom?
    Asia-Pacific partners.
  31. Where is United States Air Forces Europe area of responsibility?
    Europe, Africa, and portions of Asia.
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