Gov Terms 5

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  1. Demographics
    Study of the characteristics of population
  2. Race
    Group of humans with distinctive characteristics determined by genetic inheritance
  3. Ethnicity
    Social division based on national origin, religion, language, and often race
  4. Faction
    Terms used by founders to refer to political parties and special interests
  5. Interest Group
    Group of people who share common interest, attitude and seek to influence government for specific ends
  6. Movement
    Large body of people interested in a common issue or concern and are willing to take action
  7. Open Shop
    Company with labor agreement which union membership can't be required as a condition of employment
  8. Closed Shop
    Company with labor agreement that requires union membership
  9. Free Rider
    Individual who does not join a group representing his/her interests
  10. Non-Governmental Organization
    Non-profit association operating outside of government that advocates and pursues policy
  11. Federal Register
    Official document printed every weekday which lists new and proposed regulations of executive department and regulatory agencies
  12. Amicus Curiae Briefs
    "Friend of the court"; they are filed by individuals on organization to present by the immediate parties to a case
  13. Revolving Door
    Employment cycle in which individuals who work for a government agency that regulate end up working for interest groups on business with same policy concerns
  14. Issue Network
    Relationship amongst interest groups, congressional committees, subcomittees, and government agencies that share a common policy concern
  15. Bundling
    A tactic in which PAC's collect contributions from like minded individuals and present them to a candidate or political party as a 'bundle' thus increasing that PAC's importance
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