Lit Terms 5

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  1. Chorus Character (Raisonneur)
    A character who participates in the story yet seems to express the attitude that the spectator is to hold

    EX: Enobarbus in Antony & Cleopatra
  2. Circumlocution
    (Periphrasis) pointless wordiness. Also, round about speech or expression

    EX: "a stercoraceous heap" for a manure pile
  3. Classic
    That which is involved with form, balance, structure, the static, the finite; as opposed to romantic - that which is improbable, imaginitive, infinite, unstable, reactionary
  4. Clerihew
    A four line blunt irregular stanza used for humorous characterization
  5. Cliche
    Stale phrase EX: 'Blushing bride'
  6. Closet Drama
    A play or dramatic poem written for reading, not performance.

    *Can be derogatory for a failed production
  7. Comic Relief
    A comic scene in a serious play used to relax tension in preparation for an emotional surge
  8. Commedia Dell'arte
    Dramatic comedy employing stock characters, performed by professional Italian actors (16th century), who improvised while they performed; comedy of the guild; comedy of the mask
  9. Concrete Poetry
    Poetry that is not so much read as looked at; punctuation marks or letters or words are arranged on the page to form a visual design
  10. Confidant
    A character in whom a principle character confides, revealing his state of mind and often furthering the exposition
  11. Autonomous
    Having the power of self government
  12. Promenade
    Leisurely walk or stroll
  13. Obtuse
    Lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility
  14. Uncanny
    Seeming to have a supernatural character
  15. Collaborate
    To work jointly with others
  16. Plaintive
    Expression of suffering or woe
  17. Raucous
    Disagreeably harsh
  18. Esoteric
    Knowledge restricted to a small group
  19. Maudlin
    Weakly and effusively sentimental
  20. Medley
    Music composistion 'mix'
  21. Defile
    To trample; to make unclear or impure
  22. Expound
    To set forth; defend with arguement
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