BIO Quiz 3

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  1. What are four things that have changed our cultures gut microbs?
    • •Consuming cleaner water and food;
    • •Increased C-section;
    • •Increased usage of antibiotic pills and wipes
    • •More long distance travel and re-allocation
  2. Who discovered micro nutrients?
    James Lind
  3. Who is Justus von Liebig?
    application of the Law of the Minimum to nutrition science
  4. Who is Casimir Funk?
    Vitamin Theory 1911
  5. What changes did the end of WWII bring?
    the final triumph of food reductionism and nutritionism
  6. What are three main aspects of the move from nutrition science to nutrition industry?
    • Take out bad nutrients, add good nutrients
    • Eat food to eat nutrients
    • Food industry has added nutrients and health claims
  7. who is the father of the green revolution?
    norman borloug
  8. Who created DDT?
    Paul Muller
  9. What are five environmental consequences of using fertilizer?
    • • Pesticide bioaccumulation and resistance
    • • Eutrophication
    • • Soil degradation
    • • Loss of wild-biodiversity
    • • Loss of agro-biodiversity and genetic diversity
  10. Who is Nikolai Vivolov?
    creator of gene banks
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