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  1. What does exposition mean ?
    Main Characters, intro to setting, and the main conflict form the exposition.
  2. What is the setting ?
    The setting is the place and time.
  3. What is the Rising Action and how many steps does it have ?
    It's the action that leads to the climax. It has 6 steps.
  4. What is the Climax ?
    The highest or most intense point in the development or resolution of something.
  5. What is a conflict ?
    A problem or issue that effects the main character(s).
  6. What is the Falling Action ?
    The thing that leads to the resolution.
  7. What is a Resolution ?
    The solution to a problem or having something solved.
  8. What are characters ?
    The actors or people in the story.
  9. What is a Theme ?
    What the story, movie etc... is about.
  10. What is Foreshadowing ?
    What the character is learning in the story.
  11. What is a protagonist ?
    The good guy.
  12. What is an antagonist ?
    The bad guy.
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