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  1. colloquialism
    expression that is accepted in an informal situation
  2. jargon
    specialized language used by a specific group
  3. denotative
    actual meaning
  4. connotative
    suggested meaning
  5. euphonious
    pleasant sounding
  6. cacophonous
    harsh sounding
  7. periodic sentence
    must finish to make sense
  8. polysyndeton sentence
    uses a conjuction with NO commas to separate items
  9. anaphora
    repetition of words or phrases at the beginning of two or more consecutive sentences
  10. anastrophe (yoda)
    inversion of the usual, normal, or logical order of the parts of a sentence
  11. anecdote
    brief story, told to illustrate a point or serve as an example of something, often shows character of an individual
  12. antithesis
    rhetorical opposing or contrasting of ideas by means of gramatically parallel arrangements of words, clauses, or sentences
  13. aphorism
    concise statement of a prinicple given in pointed words. Expresses an observation about life
  14. apposition
    placing in immediately succeeding order of two or more coordinating elements, the latter of which is an explaination, qualifycation, or explaination of the first
  15. asyndeton
    commas without a conjunction
  16. didactic
    form of fiction or nonfiction that teaches a specific lesson or moral or provides a moedl of correct behavior or thinking
  17. epanalepsis
    device of repetition in which the same expression is repeated both at the beginning & end of a sentence
  18. epigram
    a pithy, pointed concise statement
  19. epithet
    descriptive phrase used to characterize
  20. inversion
    reversal of normal word order (same as anastrophe)
  21. litotes
    understatement where the affirmative is expressed by the negative of the contrary
  22. metonomy
    using one name for another
  23. mood
    emotional attitudes of an author towards a subject
  24. paradox
    self-contradicting statement
  25. parody
    work that makes fun of another's work by immitating some aspect of the originial's style
  26. Stream of Consciousness
    style of writing that portrays the inner workings of a character's mind
  27. synecdoche
    part that represents a whole
  28. epistrophe
    repetition of a word at the ends of two or more consecutive sentences
  29. chiasmus
    grammaticial structure of the first clause/ phrase that is reversed in the second, sometimes repeating words ex. "Love is a flower, flowers are love."
  30. zeugma
    two different words that sound alike and are yolked together
  31. conundrum
    riddle whose answer is a pun
  32. invective
    abusive or harsh sounding
  33. pacing
    act of intensity of the timing of words
  34. pedantic
    scholarly or intellectual
  35. understatement
    an ironic contrast to what might be said
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