Chapter 2 terms

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  1. Myocyte? Musclle cells?
    Muscle fibers
  2. Sarcolemma?
    Cell membrane of a muscle fiber
  3. Sarcoplasm?
    Cytoplasm of muscle cell
  4. Sarcoplasmic reticulum?
    Endoplasmic reticulum
  5. Myofibrils?
    long structures that fill the sarcoplasm
  6. Skeletal Muscle only respond to what neurotransmitter?
  7. What enzyme is released once contraction has occured?
  8. Multiunit Smooth Muscle?
    Found in the iris and the walls of blood vessels. it contracts in responce to neurotransmitter and hormones
  9. Visceral Smooth Muscle?
    Sheets of muscle cells the closely contract each other.
  10. Where is Visceral Smooth Muscle located?
    Stomach, intestines, bladder, and uterus.
  11. What is it called when muscle fibers tend to contract and relax together?
  12. Which two neurotransmitters are involved in smooth muscle contractions?
    Acetylcholine & Noreinephrine
  13. Groups of cardiac muscle are connected to each other through what?
    Intercalated Discs
  14. ATP?
    Adenosine Triphosphate
  15. What uses the body's store of glucose to make ATP?
    Aerobic respiration
  16. Myoglobin?
    Where oxygen is stored, it also gives muscle its pinkish color
  17. Lactic Acid?
    Production occurs when a cell is low in oxygen and must convert Pyruvic acid to lactic acid
  18. Muscle fatigue?
    condition which a muscle has lost its ability to contract.
  19. Hypertention?
    Extending a body part past the normal anatomical position
  20. Muscle in the Neck?
  21. Muscle of your inner Pecs?
    Pectoralis Minor
  22. Muscle under ribs?
    Internal Intercostal
  23. Muscle between ribs?
    Serratus Anterior
  24. Six Pack muscles?
    rectus abdominis
  25. Muscles on your side?
    Internal Oblique
  26. Muscle right next to the Six pack?
    Transversus Abdominis
  27. Muscle of your traps?
  28. Muscle on the top of your arm?
  29. Muscle on the outside of your pecs?
    Pectoralis Major
  30. Line in the middle of the abs?
    Linea Alba
  31. Muscles on the side? (ontop)
    External Oblique
  32. Ontop of the six pack?
    external/aponeurosis oblique
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