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Chinese II
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  1. 說不準 shuō​bù​zhǔn
    unable to say/can't say precisely
  2. 準確性 zhǔn​què​xìng​
  3. 水準 shuǐ​zhǔn​
  4. 熟悉 shú​xī
    to be familiar with/to know well
  5. 洞悉 dòng​xī​
    to clearly understand
  6. 護髮乳 hù​fà​rǔ
    hair conditioner
  7. 網購 wǎng​gòu​
    internet shopping
  8. 猜不透 cāi​bu​tòu​
    To be unable to guess or make out
  9. 猜中 cāi​zhòng​
    To guess correctly/ to figure out the right answer
  10. 堅持 jiān​chí​
    to persevere with / to persist in / to insist on
  11. 堅果 jiān​guǒ​
  12. 解聘 jiě​pìn​
    to dismiss an employee, to sack
  13. 聘用 pìn​yòng
    to employ, to hire
  14. 寧肯 nìng​kěn​
    would rather... / it would be better... / would prefer
  15. 研討 yán​tǎo​
  16. 研習 yán​xí
    to research and study
  17. 研究生 yán​jiū​shēng​
    graduate student / postgraduate student / research student
  18. 國際 guó​jì​
  19. 之際 zhī​jì
    during, at the time of
  20. 距離 jù​lí​
    distance, to be apart
  21. 零距離 líng​jù​lí
    zero distance, face to face
  22. 嚴重 yán​zhòng​
    grave, serious, severe, critical
  23. 嚴重問題 yán​zhòng​wèn​tí
    serious problem
  24. 闇 àn​
    to close (a door) / to eclipse / muddled / stupid / ignorant / variant of 暗[an4]
  25. 不可收拾 bù​kě​shōu​shí​
    irremediable / unmanageable / out of hand / hopeless
  26. 收拾 shōu​shi​
    to put in order / to tidy up / to pack / to repair / to punish (colloquial) / to manage
  27. 減價 jiǎn​jià​
    to cut prices, to mark down
  28. 輸不起 shū​bù​qi
    cannot bear to lose / poor loser (i.e. sb who gets angry on losing) / cannot afford to lose
  29. 厲害 lì​hai​
    difficult to deal with / difficult to endure / ferocious / radical / serious / terrible / violent / tremendous / awesome
  30. 有害 yǒu​hài​
    destructive / harmful / damaging
  31. 將要 jiāng​yào
    will, shall, be going to
  32. 免費 miǎn​fèi​
    free of charge
  33. 病厭厭 bìng​yān​yān​
  34. 厭食 yàn​shí
  35. 喜新厭舊 xǐ​xīn​yàn​jiù​
    lit. to like the new, and hate the old (idiom); fig. enamored with new people (e.g. new girlfriend), bored with the old
  36. 農村 nóng​cūn​
    rural area, villiage
  37. 保濕 bǎo​shī​
  38. 濕吻 shī​wěn​
    French kiss
  39. 實例 shí​lì​
    an actual example / living example / an illustration / a demonstration
  40. 改選 gǎi​xuǎn
    reelection / to reelect
  41. 改為 gǎi​wéi​​
    to change into
  42. 開心 kāi​xīn​
    to feel happy / to rejoice / to have a great time / to make fun of sb
  43. 心理 xīn​lǐ
    mental, psychological
  44. 計劃 jì​huà​
    plan / project / program / to plan / to map out / CL:個|个[ge4],項|项[xiang4]
  45. 香港 Xiāng​gǎng​
    Hong Kong
  46. 香檳 xiāng​bīn​
  47. 香水 xiāng​shuǐ​
    cologne, perfume
  48. 激光 jī​guāng​
  49. 激進 jī​jìn​
    radical, extreme, extremist
  50. 熠爍 yì​shuò​
    to twinkle / to glimmer / to glisten

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