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  1. movie
    • nang (r)
    • or
    • phaap (f) pha (l) yon
  2. drama or soap opera
    nang (r) chii wit (h)
  3. news
    khaao (l)
  4. royal news
    khaao (l) nai phra (h) raat (h) cha (h) sam (r) nak (h)
  5. entertainment news
    khaao (l) ban theung
  6. national news
    khaao (l) nai bpra theet (f)
  7. international/world news
    khaao (l) dtaang (l) bpra theet (f)
  8. crime news
    khaao (l) aat (l) cha (h) yaa gam
  9. economic/business news
    khaao (l) seet (l) tha (l) git (l)
  10. sports news
    khaao (l) gii laa
  11. karen (tribe)
    ga riang (both l)
  12. newspaper
    nang (r) seu (r) phim
  13. war movie
    nang (r) song (r) khraam
  14. pornography
    nang (r) bpoo (h)
  15. comedy
    nang (r) dta (l) lok (l)
  16. promise
    san (r) yaa
  17. horror movie
    nang (r) phii (r)
  18. channel
    chawng (f)
  19. diarrhea
    • tawng (h) sia (r)
    • or
    • tawng (h) rhuang (f)
  20. constipation
    tawng (h) phuuk (l)
  21. headache
    • bpuat (l) hua (r)
    • or
    • bpuat (l) sii (r) sa (l)
  22. vomit
    • aa jian
    • or
    • uak (f)

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