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list muscles

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  1. Buccinator- origin
    origin- maxillae and mandible
  2. Buccinator- insetion
    insertion- orbicularis oris
  3. buccinator- action
    action- compresses cheeks as in blowing whistling
  4. frontalis- origin
    origin- epicranial aponeurosis
  5. frontalis- insetion
    insertion- skin of eyebrows
  6. Frontalis- action
    action- rais eyebrows
  7. occipitalis- origin
    origin epicranial aponeurosis
  8. occipitalis- insetion
    inswertion- epicranial aponeurosis
  9. occipitalis- action
    action- tenses and retracts scalp
  10. mentalis- origin
    origin- incisive fossa of mandible
  11. mentalis- insetion
    insertion- skin of chin
  12. mentalis- action
    action- elevates and protrude lower lip
  13. orbicularis oculi- origin
    origin- orbital margin
  14. orbicularis oculi- insetion
    insertion- skin around eyelids
  15. orbicularis oculi- action
    action- closes eye
  16. orbicularis oris- origin
    origin- maxillae and mandible
  17. orbicularis oris- insertion
    insertion- lips
  18. orbicularis oris- action
    action- closes and protrudes lips as in kissing
  19. platysma- origin
    origin- cartilage of second rib, acromion
  20. platysma- insertion
    insertion- mandible and skin of cheeek
  21. platysma- action
    action- depresses mandible, tesnes skin of neck as in pouting
  22. risorius- origin
    origin- fascia of partoid gland
  23. risorius- insertion
    insertion- angle of mouth
  24. risorius- action
    action- draws corner of side of mouth as in grimacing
  25. temporalis- origin
    origin- temporal bone
  26. temporalis- insertion
    insertion- mandible
  27. temporalis- action
    action- closes jaw
  28. zygomatic major- origin
    origin- zygomatic bone
  29. zygomaticus major- insertion
    insertion- angle of mouth
  30. zygomaticus major- action
    action- elevates angle of mouth as in smiling
  31. zygomaticus minor- orgin
    orgin- zygomatic bone
  32. zygomaticus minor- insertion
    insertion- upper lip
  33. zygomaticus minor- action
    elevates upper lip, exposing upper teeth
  34. masseter- origin
    origing- zygomatic arch
  35. masseter- insertion
    insertion- external surface of mandible
  36. masseter- action
    action- elevates mandible (closes)
  37. temporalis- origin
    origin- temporal bone
  38. temporalis- insertion
    insertion- mandible
  39. temporalis- action
    action- elebates and retracts mandible, lateral excursion
  40. sternocleidomastoid- origin
    origin- sternum and clavicle
  41. sternocleidomastoid- insertion
    insertion- mastoid prosess of temporal bone
  42. sternocleidomastoid- action
    action- flexion of neck
  43. external intercostals- origin
    origin- lower border of ribs
  44. external intercostals- insertion
    insertion- superior border of lower rib
  45. external intercostals- action
    action- elevate ribs
  46. internal intercostals- origin
    origin- superior border of ribs
  47. internal intercostals- insertion
    insertion- inferior border of upper lip
  48. internal intercostals- action
    action- depress ribs
  49. diaphragm- origin
    origin- lower circumfrence of thorax
  50. diaphragm- insertion
    insertion- central tendon
  51. diaphragm- action
    action- enlarges thorax in inspiration
  52. external oblique- origin
    origin- ribs 5-12
  53. external oblique- insertion
    insertion- iliac crest and linea abla
  54. exteranl oblique- action
    action- compresses abdomen and lateral trunk rotation
  55. internal abdominal- origin
    origin- iliac crest
  56. internal abdominal- insertion
    insertion- lower three ribs xiphoid process
  57. internal abdominal- action
    action- compresses abdomen
  58. oblique- origin
    origin- thoracolumbar fascia
  59. oblique- insertion
    insertion- linea alba
  60. oblique- action
    action- lateral trunk rotation
  61. transversus abdominus- orgin
    • origin- ribs 6-12
    • iliac crest
    • thoracolumbar fascia
  62. transversus abdominus- insertion
    insertion- pubis and linea alba
  63. transversus abdominus- action
    action- compresses abdomen
  64. rectus abdominis- orgin
    origin- pubic bone and pubic symphysis
  65. rectus abdominis- insertion
    insertion- xiphoid pricess, ribs 5-7
  66. rectus abdominis- action
    action- compresses abdomen, flexes vertebral column
  67. trapezius- origin
    origin- occipital bone, spines of t1-t12
  68. trapezius- insertion
    insertion- clavicle and scapula (acromion and spine)
  69. trapezius- action
    action- raises or lower shoulders (shrugs)
  70. pectoralis minor- origin
    origin- ribs 3-5
  71. pectoralis minor- insertion
    insertion- coracoid process of scapula
  72. pectoralis minor- action
    • action- pulls shoulder down and forward, elevates ribs
    • downward rotation of scapula
  73. serratus anterior- origin
    origin- ribs 1-9
  74. serratus anterior- insertion
    insertion- vertebral border of scapula
  75. serratus anterior- action
    action- pulls shoulder down and forward, upward rotation of scapula
  76. pectoralis major- origin
    origin- clavicle (medial half) and sternum
  77. pectoralis major- insertion
    insertion- greater tubercle of humerus
  78. pectoralis major- action
    action- flexion, adduction, medial rotation at sholder
  79. latissimus dorsi- origin
    • origin- spines of T7- L5
    • ribs 8-12
    • lumbosacral foscia
  80. latissimus dorsi- insertion
    insertion- humerus (intertubercular groove)
  81. latissimus dorsi- action
    action- extension, adduction and medial rotation at shoulder
  82. deltiod- origin
    origin- clavicle and scapula
  83. deltoid- insertion
    insertion- humerus ( deltoid tuberosity)
  84. deltoid- action
    action- abduction, or flexion and medial rotation at shoulder
  85. supraspinatus- orgini
    origin- supraspinous fossa of scapula
  86. supraspinatus- insertion
    insertion- greater buercle of humerus
  87. supraspinatus- action
    action- abduction at shoulder
  88. teres major- origin
    origin- inferior border of scapula
  89. teres major- insertion
    insertion- humerus( interbercular groove)
  90. teres major- action
    action- extenstion, adduction and medial rotation at shoulder
  91. teres minor- origin
    orgin- lateral border of scapula
  92. teres minor-insertion
    insertion- greater tubercle of humerus
  93. infraspinatus- origin
    origin- infraspinous fossa of scapula
  94. infraspinatus- insertion
    insertion- greater tubercle of humerus
  95. infraspinatus- action
    action- lateral rotation at shoulder
  96. supraspinatus- origin
    origin- supraspinous fossa of scapula
  97. supraspinatus- insertion
    insertion- greater tubercle of humerus
  98. spurtaspinatus- action
    action- abduction at shoulder
  99. biceps brachii- origin
    • origin- supraglenoid tuberosity of capula
    • coracoid process of scapula
  100. biceps brachii- insertion
    insertion- radial tuverosity
  101. biceps brachii- action
    action- flexion at elbow and shoulder, supination
  102. brachialis- origin
    origin- anterior distal surface of humerus
  103. brachialis- insertion
    insertion- ulnar tuberosity
  104. brachialis- action
    action- flexion at elbow
  105. brachioradialis- origin
    origin- humerus (above lateral epicondyle)
  106. brachioradialis- insertion
    insertion- styloid process of radius
  107. brachioradialis- action
    action- flexion of elbow
  108. triceps brachii- origin
    origin- scapula, posterior and lateral furface of humerus
  109. triceps brachii- insertion
    insertion- olecranon
  110. triceps brachii- action
    action- extention at elbow, plus extension and adduction at shoulder
  111. pronator teres- origin
    • origin- medial epicndyle of humerus
    • coronoid process of ulna
  112. pronator teres- insertion
    insertion- radius
  113. pronator teres- action
    action- pronation
  114. supinator- origin
    origin- lateral epicondyle of humerus
  115. supinator- insertion
    insertion- radius
  116. supinator- action
    action- supination
  117. flexor carpi radialis- origin
    origin- medial epicondyle of humerus
  118. flexor carpi radialis- insertion
    insertion- metacarpals 2 and 3
  119. flexor carpi radialis- action
    action- flexion and abduction at wrist
  120. palmaris longus- origin
    origin- medial epicodyle of humerus
  121. plamaris longus- insertion
    insertion- plamar apneurosis, flexor retinaculum
  122. palmaris longus- action
    action- flexion at wrist
  123. flexor carpi ulnaris- origin
    origin- medial epicondyle of humerus
  124. flexor carpi ulnaris- insertion
    insertion- pisiform and hamate, metacarpal 5
  125. flexor carpi ulnaris- action
    action- flexion and adduction at wrtist
  126. extensor carpi radialis longus- origin
    origin- humerus (above lateral epicondyle)
  127. extensor carpi radialis longus- insertion
    insertion- metacarpal 2
  128. extensro carpi radialis longus- action
    action- extension and abduction at wrist
  129. extensor carpi radialis brevis- origin
    origin- humerus (lateral epicondyle)
  130. extensor carpi raidalis brevis- insertion
    insertion- meacarpal 3
  131. extensor carpi raidialis brevis- action
    action- extension and abduction at wrist
  132. extensor carpi ulnaris- orgin
    orgin- humerus (lateral epicondyle)
  133. extensor carpi ulnaris- insertion
    insertion- metacarpal 5
  134. extensor carpi ulnaris- action
    action- extension and adduction at wrist
  135. flexor digitorum profundus- origin
    origin- ulna
  136. flexor digitorum profundus- insertion
    insertion- distal phalanges fingers 2-5
  137. flexor digitorum profundus- actionl
    action- flexion of distal phalanges
  138. flexor digitorum superficialis- origin
    origin- humerus, ulna and radius
  139. flexor digitorum superficialis- insertion
    insertion- middle phalanges fingers 2-5
  140. flexor digitorum superficialis- action
    action- flexion of proximal phalanges
  141. extensor digitorum- origin
    origin- humerus (lateral epicondyle)
  142. extensor digitorums- insertion
    insertion- phalanges fingers 2-5
  143. extensro digitorums- action
    action- extension ar finger joints (2 to 5) and wrist
  144. psoas major- origin
    origin- body of T12-L5
  145. psoas major- insertion
    insertion- lesser tronchanter
  146. psoas major- action
    action- flexion at hip
  147. iliacus- origin
    origin- iliac fossa
  148. iliacus- insertion
    insertion- lesser troncheanter
  149. iliacus- action
    action- flexion at hip
  150. rectus femoris- origin
    origin- ilium
  151. rectus femoris- insertion
    insertion- tibia (via patellar tendon)
  152. rectus femoris- action
    action- flexion of thigh, extension of leg
  153. gluteus maximus- origin
    origin- ilium, sacrum and coccyx
  154. gluteus maximus- insertion
    insertion- femur and iliotibial tract
  155. gluteus maximus- action
    action- extension and lateral rotation at hip
  156. gluteus medius- origin
    origin- ilium (lateral surface)
  157. gluteus medius- insertion
    insertion- greater tronchanter of femur
  158. gluteus medius- action
    action- abduction and medial rotation at hip
  159. tensor fasciae latae- origin
    origin- ilium (anterior part of crest)
  160. tensor fasciae latae- insertion
    insertion- illiotibial tract
  161. tensor fasciae latae- action
    action- flexion and lateral rotation at hip, tenses iliotibial tract
  162. adductor brevis- origin
    origin- pubis (inferior ramus)
  163. adductor brevis- insertion
    insertion- linea aspera (femur)
  164. adductor brevis- action
    action- adduction, flexion, medial rotation at hip
  165. adductor longus- origin
    origin- pubis (inferior ramus)
  166. adductor longus- insertion
    insertion- linea aspera (femur)
  167. adductor longus- action
    action- adduction, flexion, medial rotation at hip
  168. adductor magnus- origin
    origin- pucis (inferior ramus)
  169. adductor magnus- insertion
    insertion- linea aspera (femur)
  170. adductor magnus- action
    action- adduction at hip plus flexion and medial rotation plus extension and lateral rotation at the hip
  171. gracilis- origin
    origin- pubis (inferior ramus)
  172. gracilis- insertion
    insertion- tibia (medial surface)
  173. gracilis- action
    action- adduction and medial rotation at hip, flexion at knee
  174. rectus femoris- origin
    origin- ilium
  175. rectus femoris- insertion
    insertion- tbial tuberosity (via patellar tendon)
  176. rectus femorius- action
    action- flexion at hip, extension at knee
  177. vastus intermedius- origin
    origin- femur (anterior surface)
  178. vastus intermedius- insertion
    insertion- tibial tuberosity (via patellar tendon)
  179. vastus intermedius- action
    action- extension at knee

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