ela vocab c1-6

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  1. motif
    main theme, subject, topic
  2. specious
    misleading, seems to be true but really false
  3. intimidate
    threaten, bully
  4. pliant
    flexible, limber, malleable, stretchy
  5. intricacy
    complex, complicated
  6. irelevant
    unrelated, pointless
  7. strident
    harsh sounding, screeching
  8. officious
    nosy, interfering
  9. festoon
    decorate with garland
  10. evacuation
    leave, escape
  11. spontaneous
    unplanned, impulsive, unexpected
  12. ebullience
    lavish, plentiful, fancy
  13. unintelligible
    incomprehensible, not easy/ impossible to understand
  14. indignant
    outrage, angry, animosity
  15. anatagonism
    opposition, conflict
  16. chastisement
    punishment, discipline
  17. ecstasy
    bliss, delight, joy
  18. tacit
    silent, unspoken
  19. effigy
    image, representation
  20. lamentably
    regrettably, mournfully, sorrowfully
  21. assent
    agreement, accept
  22. decorous
  23. dubious
    doubtful, questionable
  24. incredulous
    unbelieving, skeptical
  25. interminable
    endless, infinite
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