Tale Vocabulary

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  1. affable
    friendly, courteous, amiable, cordial, genial, gracious
  2. antipathy
    a dislike, distaste, or enmity; animosity, antagonism, hostility
  3. approbation
    official approval, praise, commendation
  4. ardent
    expressing strong feelings, impassioned, zealous, fervent, passionate
  5. auspicious
  6. aversion
    strong disinclination, disliking, reluctance
  7. beguile
    to deceive, mislead, or persuade with charm, delude
  8. benign
    not causing harm, of gentle disposition, beneficial
  9. blasphemous
    irreverent, profane
  10. capitulate
    to surrender, defer, relent, submit, yield
  11. complacency
    the state of being self-satisfied
  12. consecrate
    to dedicate or to declare sacred, devotge
  13. debauchery
    moral curruption, debasement, perversion
  14. deference
    courteous going along with the opinions or wishes of another, reverence
  15. deprecate
    to disapprove regretfully, to belittle, to express mild disapproval
  16. despoil
    to take possessions by force, to plunder, pillage, ravage
  17. despondency
    depression, dejection
  18. diffidence
    shyness, reserve, unassertiveness, bashfulness, modesty
  19. discern
    to differentiate between two or more things
  20. disdain
    intense dislike, to treat with scorn or contempt, to reject as unworthy, to be arrogant
  21. disparage
    to degrade, to speak of someone or something in a derogatory manner, belittle, deprecate
  22. docile
    easily managed, oedient, passive, amenable
  23. edifice
    very large building
  24. elicit
    bring out a response, to evoke, extort, extract
  25. embellish
    decorate, to make beautiful with ornamentation, deck, ornament, adorn
  26. emulate
    try to equal or to be like (imitation)
  27. engender
    to cause, to produce, or to create
  28. engrossed
    completely occupied or absorbed, preoccupied
  29. entreaty
    a plea, earnest request
  30. evanescent
    fleeting, transient
  31. execrable
    extremely bad, deserving of hate
  32. expeditious
    done with speed and efficiency
  33. felicitous
    happy or delightful
  34. ferocity
  35. florid
    flowery, flushed with color
  36. furtive
    secret in underhanded way, stealthy, underhanded
  37. galling
    very irritating
  38. gravity
    seriousness, importance
  39. impel
    to urge or to drive forward (usually with moral pressure)
  40. implacable
    incapable of being appeased
  41. incorrigibile
    incapable of being reformed or improved
  42. infallible
    incapable of error
  43. insolence
    insulting or contemptuous behavious, arrogance, haughtiness
  44. inundate
    to flood, to overflow
  45. inviolable
    secure from violation or from being profaned, antonym: destructable
  46. laconic
    using a minimum of words, concise to the point of seeming room, succinct, summary
  47. magnanimity
    having a lofty, generous, and courageous spirit
  48. modicum
    limited quantity
  49. munificent
    very generous
  50. obscure
    difficult to see, vague, cryptic
  51. obsequious
    overly attentive, like a sycophant, servile, subservient
  52. ostentatious
    showy, pretentious, pompous
  53. penitent
    showing or feeling regret for wrongdoing, repentant
  54. pernicious
    very destructive or harmful, deadly
  55. profligate
    a wasteful person, extremely wasteful, given to licentiousness
  56. proscribe
    to denounce or to condemn, to forbit
  57. remonstrate
    to protest, to make objections
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